Cannabis Types and Consumption

Frequently Asked Questions for Cannabis Types and Consumption

What is a cannabis extract?

"Cannabis extracts are products containing concentrated cannabinoids and are much more potent than cannabis flowers. For decarboxylation to occur, ... "

What is a cannabis edible?

"Edibles and extracts are two different forms of cannabis commonly offered at dispensaries. While cannabis edibles are the result of cannabis ext ... "

How much cannabis do I need to consume in order to feel the effects?

"Every individual responds differently to cannabis, and it is important that you know how your body responds when you are medicating. If you are ju ... "

What is the best method for consuming cannabis?

"There is no 'best' way in which you should consume cannabis. Every form and method of consumption has benefits and the form of consumption that is bes ... "

Where can I find non-cannabis products, like glassware and smoking devices?

"The Cannabis Reports database only contains information about products that contain cannabis in some form. We do not display non-cannabis products, ev ... "