Join the medical cannabis community for the Cannabis Health Summit, provided to the world for free by Green Flower. Register now for this online event, 9am-5pm on January 23rd-24th. Cannabis Reports will be providing live coverage and updates through our blog and social media channels.

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Green Flower is a cannabis media company dedicated to covering the positivity of the cannabis space. Slowly but surely, the cannabis industry is making its way out of the shadows of prohibition. Cannabis has become a household conversation in many places due to the quality of information being made available.

The Cannabis Health Summit, being hosted by Green Flower, is a great example of how media organizations can promote access to knowledge and understanding. This free event will be available online, so that anyone can learn more about the ways in which cannabis can be applied as a medicine.

Uwe Blesching, PhD, to Discuss Mind-Body Medicine

Green Flower has assembled over twenty medical experts who all understand the importance of cannabis education and want to spread scientific evidence about a misunderstood plant. One of these cannabis experts will be Uwe Blesching. As the author of the Cannabis Health Index, Blesching has been relating cannabis therapy to medical conditions in a way that few others have dared approach.

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Blesching is a good friend of Cannabis Reports, and has already helped our team immensely when it comes to medical cannabis data. During a recent visit to our office, Blesching gave us a look at what he would be discussing at the first-ever Cannabis Health Summit. The title of his presentation is: “Why do some patients heal, while others don’t?”

The Potential for Emotional and Physical Healing

Cannabis Reports has interviewed Uwe Blesching in the past on many subjects, and we will be making that footage available in the near future. During the Cannabis Health Summit, presented by Green Flower this Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 23-24), Blesching will be discussing cannabis therapy in conjunction with mind-body medicine.


Blesching is capable of providing insights that even those of us well-versed in cannabis may not have realized. The subject of mind-body medicine is rarely brought up in the cannabis community, and yet, there is strong scientific evidence that ignoring an emotional relationship with your medicine can significantly reduce the potential for healing.

Blesching will be giving his speech on Saturday January 23rd at 2:45pm PST. Make sure to register for free at

Clinical vs. Anecdotal Evidence: Why Not Both?

There is a misconception that cannabis will remain in a legal gray area until there is abundant clinical evidence demonstrating the molecular efficacy of cannabinoids. But truly, there are decades worth of clinical studies that have been ignored by the United States government.


The success of medical cannabis is actually founded on mountains of anecdotal evidence. There are hundreds of stories of cancer patients returning from their oncologists with “No Evidence of Disease.” Recently, there has been a great migration of families leaving their homes to travel to legal cannabis markets in order to supply their seizing children with relief.

It is the emotional evidence from patients and caretakers that drives lawmakers to shift their thinking. Of course, more cannabis research is needed if we hope to keep moving forward, but we must not forget the importance of every person’s unique relationship with cannabis.

Tune in to the Cannabis Health Summit to hear directly from Uwe Blesching about the benefits of recognizing cannabis as a recreational, medicinal, and spiritual tool.

Green Flower Media: Assembling Cannabis Experts

Cannabis Reports is incredibly pleased to be a sponsor of the Cannabis Health Summit. This free event is setting a new standard for the cannabis community by bringing down the obstacles that keep cannabis information from being dispersed. Use Blesching is just one of the many cannabis experts that will be speaking about the medical benefits of cannabis.

Some of the other great experts speaking at the event:

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Watch the Cannabis Health Summit, Online for Free

The Cannabis Health Summit is the first virtual medical convention for cannabis. You can attend the event from the comfort of your home by registering for free at There are already over 13,000 people registered to watch these medical experts present quality information.

A huge thanks to the Green Flower team and all of the speakers for making this Cannabis Health Summit possible.


Cannabis Reports will be providing coverage throughout the weekend of the 23rd and 24th on our Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram. We will be responding to questions regarding the cannabis discussion, as well as publishing daily recaps of the event on our blog.