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I bought some earlier this month and for 75/half it's great. Firm sticky buds. This is for those who want both CBD and THC. The bud has a light fruity smell but I get more of a piney taste when I vape it. I get more of a head high then body high so I'm guessing it's a Sativa dominant hybrid. If you just want CBD try an AC/DC but if you're looking for both I highly recommend this.

Really enjoying these bars. I love that they are easy to break into 12 segments and at 15 mg a segment a perfect dose for me and a great deal at 180mg for 10 dollars. These seem to be made from a hybrid and lean a little to the sativa side in my opinion. Love to see them come out with an Indica dominant bar to help at night.

Love Korova Edibles and prefer the Brownies to the cookies because they are easier to divide into consistent pieces. Korova lists 50 mg as a single dose but my tolerance is on the lower side so 15-20 mg does me nicely and that makes the Korova products some of the best bang for the buck. They taste great but I eat such small pieces that it does not really matter.

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