Cannabis for Melanoma (Malignant Skin Cancer)

Studies and Information on Cannabis for Melanoma (Malignant Skin Cancer)

Melanin, produced by specialized skin cells (melanocytes), is the brownish pigment responsible for skin tone variants, as well as for the coloring that occurs in tanning, freckles, and moles. Exposure to UV light increases melanin production as a protective mechanism from excessive harmful rays.

Melanin converts the majority of UV light to harmless heat, preventing cellular mutation, thus protecting the skin from damage. The darker your skin, the greater your body’s protective ability. The majority of melanocytes lie in the base of the epidermis (outer skin layer).

While the majority of skin cancers are non-melanomas, melanomas make up the majority of deaths. Melanoma affects more Caucasians than other ethnicities. While direct sun exposure is healthy, natural and excessive sun exposure can contribute to mutation of DNA in melanocytes. The highest incidence of melanoma occurs in whites living in Australia.

Ratings for Cannabis and Melanoma (Malignant Skin Cancer)

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Possibility of efficacy for cannabis in treatment of melanoma (malignant skin cancer).
Based on 3 Studies from 2008 - 2015

Studies on Cannabis and Melanoma (Malignant Skin Cancer)