Cannabis for Pain (Acute)

Studies and Information on Cannabis for Pain (Acute)

Ratings for Cannabis and Pain (Acute)

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Possible to probable range of efficacy of cannabis for treatment of pain (acute).
Based on 14 Studies from 1997 - 2017

Studies on Cannabis and Pain (Acute)

Study Name, Description & Year


Cannabis As A Substitute For Prescription Drugs - A Cross-sectional Study
A survey conducted on 1248 cannabis-using patients who were recruited through social media and cannabis dispensaries in Washington State. — 2017


The Prescription Of Medical Cannabis By A Transitional Pain Service To Wean A Patient With Complex Pain From Opioid Use Following Liver Transplantation: A Case Report
Human case study (patient with chronic abdominal pain from cirrhosis of the liver. His pain became acute after liver transplant. — 2016


Synergistic Affective Analgesic Interaction Between Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol And Morphine.
A double blinded, four treatment, four period, four sequence, crossover design conducted on healthy human volunteers. — 2006