Magnolia Wellness

Magnolia Wellness

Cannabis Dispensary in Oakland, CA

161 Adeline St.
Oakland, CA 94607

Today: 10am-8pm

Magnolia Wellness is a collective of patients serving patients now open in Oakland, CA.


All new patients receive a free gram of their choice with a $30 donation. Any donation under $30 receives a choice of a free half gram of flower or a Compassion edible.

Monday - Free pre-roll with $30 donation & HIV/Crohn's Compassion Day

Tuesday - $25 free 1/8th (house choice) with any 1/8th at regular donation price

Wednesday - 4.5g eighths ALL day long

Thursday - Free edible with $30 donation & Cancer Compassion Day

Friday - Facebook Fridays & 10% of from 10am-12pm

Saturday - $25 1/8th (house choice) with another 1/8th at regular donation price

Sunday - 4.5g eighths ALL day long

Menu Item Reviews

Love this strain and surprised I hadn't smoked one with such an obvious name before. Its very uplifting and and smokes great no tight pulls and nice after taste. Very cool.

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Very distinctive smell and smooth smoke! Big up my budtender James.

Made me feel optimistic and clear. Strong but not heavy high. Made me feel light hearted. I highly recommend this strain. Another great strain provided by Magnolia and their wicked staff.

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