True Healing Collective

True Healing Collective

Cannabis Delivery in Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA 94609

Today: 10am-8pm

True Healing Collective provides safe access to cannabis based medications to chronically ill or pained patients who have received a doctor’s recommendation for this treatment. We work both directly with patients and also with service providers, such as doctor’s offices, clinics and hospice centers to deliver safe, reliable products. All of our medicines are non-toxic certified and lab tested regularly. Our mission is to provide convenient, reliable cannabis-based medications to those in need, and to aid in reforming cannabis law and ending prohibition. [...view full]

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Great Sativa great smell, Great for playing GTA, and sports games. Great for choosing music for a playlist or DJ'ing. Also great for getting physical activity like house chores done. Any documents or spreadsheets need doing this is the one.