Purple Star MD

Purple Star MD

Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco, CA

2520 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Today: 9:30am-10pm

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, Purple Star MD is a medical cannabis dispensary collective (MCD) serving patients Under the banner “Healing is our Mission,” and directly benefiting four distinguished San Francisco nonprofit organizations who each have representatives on Purple Star MD’s board of directors.


3 Dogs
Blue Dream
Durban Dragon
Dutch Dragon
Double Dutch
Black Wreck
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Menu Item Reviews

Jack herer is one of the most reliable strain if you're looking for a sativa. It's great for day activities offering more of an uplifting head high. Instantly after I smoked it I started feeling a euphoric sensation. It picked me up and I became more active and creative. I love to cook and even more so when I'm high. I made very yummy creative dishes while using Jack herer. Give you the giggles

Chemical taste with a refreshing aftertaste. More of a slow down bud with a good numbing effect. Light haze in the brain, but nothing too cloudy.

At the end after the sour and spicy it tasted like geen apple. Nice little surprise. Very decent high, super chill.