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Not a very identifiable smell

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Aptly named, The Bomb, this stuff is Potent and Euphoric. Have some with a sandwich or dip.

My all time favorite. Smoking since 2003/2004. First time I tried was at cookies San Francisco. Fell in love. Tride it today local shop selma ca even better. Starbucks Caramel frap is what it taste exactly like.

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Watermelon candy sativa has given me the best nights' sleep without pills I have had in years. I am aware indica is recommended for sleep. I can only tell you that sativa works for me. Indica actually gives me a headache.

Fairly certain this is of an indica lineage. Much more of a head high, but helped a little with appetite and was chill in general, some what sleepy. Happiness comes a bit later, with a body heaviness. The smoke was harsh, however, and I had no desire to finish my bowl. I will be using it to make a tincture to use for fibromyalgia and iBD.

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Oh my....very few strains impress me like this one. I actually got a half gram of shatter, not flower. I normally don't even buy into strains for the taste, but this is my fav tasting kind of bud. The high is at first very euphoric & uplifting, then shortly after that you get hit with a VERY nice body buzz. I was beginning to think I'd never find "my" strain.

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