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Super dense smooth earthy smoke that definitely packs a punch.

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Ho hum. Boring buzz behind the eyes like waiting to come on. 2 drags = low hum. 6 drags same low hum. But don't worry, after half an hour you won't notice anything

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It helped my neuropathy pain. Did great for my ptsd. Insomnia.

Where to find cannasutra

Looking for a strain where it’s effects are Arousal

80 mg if sugar per package? Is the thc in the sugar, like your competitors claim. If its a rumor,please

...usually vape GSC or blue dream but wanted something to zing up my head but not to paranoia level (gotta watch that!) this was suggested and not only does the vape cartridge give a really lovely floral fruit flavor but it makes me wanna...stand up 'n' paint!!!

Super clean taste nice stoney high but kind of a runny butter consitancy instead of a good shatter

I loved this strain and can't find it anywhere anymore-HELP!!!

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