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Damn nice strain from the 90's

Quick review. Lemon crack; just tried. May need to update, but; similar to other lemon strains; lemon of, lemon Haze for example. Sour, and intense. Not the best. But fresh and top shelf buds, just under some top names. #Shady

Nice strain with heavy head effects. Doesnt knock you out but does make you very relaxed.

we carry this strain at and our patients love it! Super sedative, great for pain relief. this is a classic indica

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It’s super chill for someone if you don’t like thc

The best strain ever!

So smooth great taste great smell OMG definitely need the incense for this one and the buzz is very nice strong yet functional

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BHO form

Amazing uplifting strain! Recommend for a quick attitude change for the better. So relaxing, happy, hungry. One of my favz!

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Great for a nice mellow relaxing high. The CBD that is combined with the THC works together perfectly. Making it my favorite to go to when you don’t want to use over the counter pain meds or your Preferred DOC. PUSHER. Most prescription from your Doc’s office for pain will generally be opioids for pain, and it can be abused and be considered as your Local Pharmacist Legalized Heroine.

Amazing purple and green hybrid by Humble Seeds. Bred with their winning Male this cross is sure to make your mouth water!

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