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Good night type meds.

this one is small flower from my grow room i love this strain actually is his second day of drying

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After one deep pull from this joint it was the worst experience ever. Became extremely weak, dizzy, disoriented, nauseous, clammy and passed out. Body was clammy to the touch and the skin color was pale and grayish. Individual thought they were dying. Terrible experience which lasted about 8 or so hours. Vomiting and weak.

BEST BUD I HAVE EVER SMOKED FOR MUSCLE SPASMS! better relief than a SOMA muscle relaxer. This is a MUST HAVE for people that suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis. really calms down the nervous system. Really cannot say enough good things about this strain. PoTenT will have you sleeping if you underestimate it.

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Besides the wonderful flavor of watermelon jolly rancher this strain is amazing. I feel focused and able to conquer any task at hand. Would recommend to anyone.

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I was completely blown away by this strain! Granted the set and setting were ideal--a mild but brilliantly sunny day in the Pacific Northwest--a holiday, Memorial day--just my best bud and me doing a little touring--both of us otherwise feeling great physically, well fed, well rested, nothing urgent or stressful hanging over our heads and... Kaboom carried us into blissful hilarity for hours, and

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Grown out myself from seeds purchased through Seed-O-Holics (Seeds Here Now). One of my favorite smokes of all time. Great for mornings. I get very creative when I smoke this.

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