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Definitely an uplifting strain. Has me attentive when I need to be engaged, but also gives me that creativity a psychoactive induces. Great way to start my Day

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Good night irene

This product was horrible. It caused me to visit the emergency room. The oil burned my insides. It turned purple after I opened it.

Wonderful relief from mother nature. It was so impressive I wrote a poem about the healing properties. “Juanita La La Grimosa” is in print forever.

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I've been using this for Restless Leg Syndrome because Mirapex gives me very odd dreams and makes it hard to wake up the next day. I take the smallest amount, so one bottle lasts several weeks. I sleep well, the RLS is greatly reduced, and I have no grogginess in the morning. Very mild flavor, and actually more economical than Miraplex. A really great product!

Very potent chocolate bar. Be careful. Ate 2 of the 6 pieces included and was way too much. Would recommend starting with 1/2 of one piece and go from there.

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