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A little harsh on the smoke but many variables in that area. t quick high definitely had high long lasting slight body high great smell fruity citrusy

Easily the best strain I’ve had

Happy hungry sleepy

Nice calming and pain relief .

Omg first off let me tell you that this strain of cannabis is some of if not the best I've smoked in years if not ever it does pack a punch your lungs will pay the price if you hit this the flower has a beautiful flavor very sweet and floral its punch is very cerebral and causes your body to hit the floor lol recommended for night time I will sleep absolutely wonderful lol.

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Amazing Indica

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Great strain with a lovely citric smell and the most therapeutic effect of relaxation and pain relief. The citric smell and flavours are like fresh tangerines and oranges and they reflect really well on the flavour, the buds are huge and compact, reminiscent of Indica dominance. I recommend this strain completely for anyone who loves citric flavours and is looking to relax or unwind

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