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How can I learn more about the Cannabis Reports API and the UCPC Identification System?

"The Cannabis Reports API is well-documented yet constantly being updated based on user suggestions, so there are many additional resources for learni ... "

What does the Cannabis Reports API offer that the Leafly API did not?

"Both APIs provide information on strains and retail locations, but the Cannabis Reports API does even more: it lets developers access data sets based ... "

Can my site be migrated from Leafly’s API to the Cannabis Reports API?

"Yes, several members of our development community who were utilizing both APIs have been incredibly helpful in assisting other programmers with migra ... "

What is the Retailer Menu Object section?

"The Menu Item Object section of our API shows exactly how to organize information about a specific retailer’s menu, and it can power online and in- ... "

What is the Dispensary Object section of the Cannabis Reports API?

"Programmers building tools involving dispensaries and menu apps for consumers can easily access details for each retailer location in the Dispensary ... "

Is the UCPC system recognized by major search engines?

"The UCPC codification system is already being indexed by Google and other search engines, making it perfect for both consumer and supply chain identi ... "

Why is the UCPC system important?

"The Universal Cannabis Product Code system is the foundation of the Cannabis Reports database, and is quickly becoming the foundation for cannabis te ... "

What are examples of things that partners have built with the Cannabis Reports API?

"Among the hundreds of partners utilizing the Cannabis Reports API, notable examples of things that have been built from our database include consumer ... "

Why does Cannabis Reports want me to use their API?

"Our founder and CEO, David Drake, created the Cannabis Reports platform with a foundational goal in mind: give cannabis the conversation it deserves. ... "

What is the significance of an open API?

"When developers and businesses implement the Cannabis Reports API into their own sites and applications, there are preparing themselves for a connect ... "

Is the Cannabis Reports API open to the public?

"The Cannabis Reports database is completely open and our API documentation is always expanding with new objects and endpoints." ... "

How does the Cannabis Reports API organize the taxonomy of cannabis?

"There is an on-going discussion in the scientific community about the proper classification of cannabis. Cannabis Reports has built this database ... "

How many cannabis strains are listed on Cannabis Reports?

"Over 8,000 distinct cannabis strains are listed through the Cannabis Reports API, sorted by lineage, reviews, availability, and the original seed com ... "

What information is available through the Cannabis Reports API?

"Cannabis Reports uses the Universal Cannabis Product Code to index information on the many different cannabis strains and products available for the ... "

What is the Universal Cannabis Product Code (UCPC)?

"The Universal Cannabis Product Code system is how the Cannabis Reports database catalogues the many different cannabis strains and products. We belie ... "

How do I use my API key?

"It is important to understand how to use your API key so that you can build your application securely. When pulling information from the API, your ... "

How do I get my Cannabis Reports API key?

"Getting API credentials is possible once you have created a free account on Cannabis Reports. When you are logged in, you can request an API key a ... "

What are the API terms of service?

"Before you begin developing around the Cannabis Reports API, please read and understand our Terms of Service. We offer access to the Cannabis Repo ... "

What is a cannabis API?

"API stands for application programming interface. The Cannabis Reports API allow developers to access our cannabis database of over 20,000 strains, p ... "