Smoke Reports builds tools for patients to strengthen their relationship with cannabis. Understanding the ways in which your body responds to different forms and strains of cannabis can help you discover the medicine that best suits your personal needs. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system that reacts to cannabis attributes in diverse ways. Smoke Reports provides patients with a genetic profile to track their individual reactions, rather than rely on anecdotal evidence from peer reviews. Smoke Reports already offers the most hearty cannabis database, and recommends cannabis products and strains by cross-referencing over 12,000 combined strains, extracts, edibles, products, producers, dispensaries, and seed companies. The free Smoke Reports tools available for the cannabis community give patients the ability to easily navigate their local markets, and make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis.


Humans and Cannabis Have Been Co-Evolving for Thousands of Years (source)

Building Your Genetic Profile for Cannabis

Only you can describe precisely how a specific cannabis product or strain makes you feel. Filling out just a few Smoke Reports (cannabis assessments) allows you to pinpoint the specific attributes that fulfill your desired flavors and effects.  All of the genetic information on the Smoke Reports database is intelligently connected. Your experiences with a specific cannabis strain links to all of the children and parents within that lineage, all the way back to the original landrace. This allows for Smoke Reporters to sort their experiences by flavor and effect, and explore new strains from trusted genetic families.

Searching a Smoke Reporter's Personal Experiences for Skunk

Searching a Smoke Reporter‘s Personal Experiences for Strains in the Skunk No. 1 Lineage

Filling Out a Personal Smoke Report

Completing a Smoke Report takes just a few minutes. After you sample your medicine, you simply locate the product on the Smoke Reports database and add your review. You have the option to upload your own photo of the product or flower, as well as determine the intensity of a variety of effects (euphoria, creativity, pain relief, appetite, calming, anxiety) and flavors (spicy, sour, earthy, sweet, fruity, dry mouth). You can also leave yourself a note describing your experience, and suggesting future uses for the product or strain being reviewed. Every Smoke Report that you fill out adds to your personal journal, and influences future suggestions from the Smoke Reports recommendation engine. Remember, we never sell or distribute any of your personal information or data, so reviews only benefit your genetic profile and other private users who want to check out peer reviews.

Find the Strain, Submit a Photo, Review the Strain

1. Find the Strain, 2. Submit a Photo, 3. Review the Strain

Use Your Genetic Profile to Make Informed Decisions at the Dispensary

Whether you are searching for new strains, or looking for slight variations of your favorite cannabis, the Smoke Reports recommendation engine can help you connect with products and flowers in your local market. You can review and follow your favorite companies and strains, and receive local availability updates on products with qualities that best fit your medical inclinations. You can sort by effect, flavor, and the number of times you have experienced that particular genetic line. Once you determine a batch of genetics that you would like to explore, you have immediate access to all of the strains within that lineage, as well as edibles and extracts created from those strains. Your Smoke Reports genetic profile will provide you with personalized cannabis suggestions so that you can easily locate new products and your old favorites at the click of a button.

Highly Suggested Strains When Searching for Creativity

Looking for Creativity? Highly Suggested Strains Based on Past Experiences

Cannabis Strains Do Not Provide Specific Symptom Relief

Smoke Reports does not link cannabis strains with generalized symptom relief. Many other cannabis websites believe symptom relief is the future of cannabis discovery, but unfortunately it is a system that misinforms the cannabis community. Because everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system that produces distinct reactions from person to person, designating a strain or product with a specific effect can keep someone from finding the best cannabis for them as an individual. Cannabis genetics are far too complex to be reduced to a pharmaceutical approach in which “Medicine X” universally resolves “Symptom Y.” For example, saying that Sour Diesel specifically helps alleviate ADHD symptoms would not be pleasant for an individual who finds that Sour Diesel and related strains cause heightened anxiety. Scientific consensus frequently points to the fact that cannabis is an incredibly powerful medication, but until there is verifiable evidence that cannabinoid and terpene ratios produce consistent universal effects, Smoke Reports will continue to provide tools so that cannabis patients can monitor their reactions as individuals. It is important that each patient is personally informed, and does not have to rely on anecdotal evidence, because even other reliable patients will often experience different reactions from the same product.

Cannabis and Pharmaceutical Drugs Should Not Be Treated the Same (source)

Cannabis and Pharmaceutical Drugs Should Not Be Treated the Same (source)

Food for Thought: Cannabis as a Consumable

Smoke Reports is creating tools built specifically for cannabis. The cannabis industry is intricately connected, and the quality of a single product can be determined by a host of factors: skill of the cultivator, environment of plant growth, genetic properties of the seeds, portion of the plant being processed, and for edibles and extracts, we must also assess the producer’s quality of equipment and processing skills. Smoke Reports allows individuals to determine how certain products make them feel, and then cross-reference the production factors to discover other cannabis items. Peer review services, like the popular company Yelp, allow for individuals to scroll through anecdotal opinions from members of the community, but these points of view can vary greatly. When you are looking for local restaurants for example, you can search for the type of food you are craving, and then see rankings of available locations based on the experiences of others. Smoke Reports removes the need for peer review, and allows for Smoke Reporters to review their own experiences, as if Yelp were able to recommend other local pizza restaurants based on the similarity of the cheeses and sauces that you found so delicious in the past.

Appreciate Cannabis Like You Appreciate Food

Appreciate Cannabis Like You Appreciate Food

The food review analogy is rather simplified, yet it certainly expresses our mission here at Smoke Reports: “improve the relationship between cannabis and human beings through education, outreach, and technology.” The genetic profile and the recommendation engine are entirely free with a Smoke Reports account, and are helpful to every cannabis patient looking to explore personalized product information from the comfort of their home.

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