Smoke Reports is proud to release the most powerful cannabis API available for developers. Our team has compiled the largest cannabis database on the internet, with information on a combined 14,000 cannabis strains, seed companies, producers, dispensaries, edibles, extracts, and other products.

Now programmers have access to accurate cannabis data that is linked in a comprehensive format, and far more advanced than any other platform. Talented programmers are flocking to the cannabis space, and Smoke Reports is excited to work alongside these individuals who are eager to expand the cannabis community with improved information technology.

Our complete API documentation captures the complexity of the cannabis community, without sacrificing any details. Our API is free and open for everyone, and you can even begin making requests directly from the documentation. The Smoke Reports cannabis API can also be utilized by businesses to easily update their company information as it appears across the web.

Smoke Reports is dedicated to promoting a more connected cannabis community by providing developers, consumers, educators and companies with unbiased access to accurate cannabis information.

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The Smoke Reports Cannabis API is Now Available

What is a Cannabis API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and is essentially a tool for softwares to communicate with one another. APIs exist in almost every industry, and are necessary for developers to link their apps and websites to databases filled with information. The cannabis industry has seen a few APIs released already, each giving programmers limited access to the existing cannabis information within that database.

The Smoke Reports API allows programmers to explore many fields of cannabis data as they develop new apps and websites. With Smoke Reports, programmers can organize the vast amounts of data into functional sets of information for public consumption. The release of the Smoke Reports cannabis API means developers now have the opportunity to build functional apps and websites that organize product, strain, producer, and seed company data for a better consumer experience.


The Cannabis Industry Needs Access to Reliable Data (source)

Smoke Reports: A More Complete and Powerful Cannabis API

The Smoke Reports cannabis API is the future of cannabis technology. Programmers who have cutting-edge ideas for the cannabis community are now able to create their apps on a foundation of substanital content. The Smoke Reports database is organized so that programmers can create any number of cannabis applications for the public.

There are over 50 current endpoints that provide detailed data based on several meaningful categories like genetics, effects and flavors, reviews, strain-specific lineage, availability, lab test results, production company, and product subtype (for instance, chocolates and baked goods are both cannabis edibles).

Smoke Reports Tracks Cannabis with UCPCs: Universal Cannabis Product Codes

The best way to outline the power of the Smoke Reports cannabis API is to examine the many ways in which Smoke Reports tracks cannabis. The UCPC (Universal Cannabis Product Code) allows for the identification of each step in the production process. Adopting the UCPC allows cannabis companies to identify the genetic origin and production details for every single item they add to the Smoke Reports database. The 25-digit code associated with each item is unique to that product, and never changes. This codification identifies the seed company, strain, producer, item, and batch for each individual product. This means that even when brands change names or product titles, customers can still access information on the original product.

The codification of the UCPC system can be observed in our API documentation. Smoke Reports is continually improving the organization of cannabis information, and feedback from developers accessing our database is always appreciated.


Smoke Reports Builds Technology for a Connected Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Strain Data

Tracking cannabis strains involves an incredible amount of interconnected information. There are many factors that make every batch of cannabis flowers unique, including environment, genetics, processing, and cultivator skill. Smoke Reports tracks strains by genetic lineage, as well as the seed company that developed the strain.

The Smoke Reports API provides information on the children of each individual strain, so that programmers can also organize information about the genetic offspring into which this strain has been bred. There are currently over 30,000 genetic cross-references available through the Smoke Reports API. For more information on available strain data, check out the Strain Object definition section of the API documentation.

Cannabis Extract Data

Smoke Reports classifies extracts into ten main types: kief, hash, water hash, oil, wax, crumble, honeycomb, shatter, disposable vaporizers, and vaporizer cartridges. Smoke Reports identifies extracts by the producer who created it, and the strain from which the extract was derived. The Smoke Reports API gives programmers access to cannabinoid information, including lab tests for individual extracts and data from public reviews. Programmers also can request geographic availability for specific extracts. For more information on available extract data, check out the Extract Object definition section of the API documentation.

Cannabis Edible Data

Smoke Reports considers forms of cannabis that are meant to be orally consumed as cannabis edibles. The main forms of edibles classified by Smoke Reports are baked goods, candies, treats, chocolates, snacks, beverages, pills, and tinctures. Smoke Reports also recognizes “other” types of edibles, like ice cream, tea, breath strips, butter, and honey. The Smoke Reports API provides access to the producer who created the edible, the strain used in production, the cannabinoid or hash oil content, and data from public reviews including effects and flavors experienced by consumers. Availability information is also accessible through the Smoke Reports API. For more information on cannabis edible data, check out the Edible Object definition section of our API documentation.

Cannabis Product Data

There are many cannabis products available at dispensaries that cannot be categorized as edibles or extracts. Smoke Reports identifies these items as cannabis products, and currently recognizes four main types: bath, topical, skin care, and pre-rolls. Smoke Reports also supports “other” types of products, like lip balms, massage oils, and personal lubricants.

Through the Smoke Reports API, developers can access information on the producer, strain, lab testing, and availability for every cannabis product. Reviews submitted by the public are also available for individual cannabis products. For more information on cannabis product data, check out the Product Object definition section of our API documentation.


Cannabis Producer Data

Smoke Reports considers the individuals and groups creating flowers, extracts, edibles, and other products as cannabis producers. These are the people making the medicine we all love, and now both developers and producers have the opportunity to utilize the vast amounts of information tied to each cannabis producer. The Smoke Reports API provides information about the all of the items in a producer’s inventory, including photos, reviews, lab tests, and product availability for all of their edibles, extracts, and products. For more information on cannabis producer data, check out the Producer Object definition section of the API documentation.

Cannabis Dispensary and Menu Item Data

Smoke Reports considers all types of cannabis retailers as dispensaries. Delivery services are defined by only having a city location, rather than a street address required for brick-and-mortar locations. Dispensary menus are divided into strains, extracts, edibles, and products. The Smoke Reports API provides developer access to all of the items listed on that dispensary menu, as well as location information on the dispensary itself. In addition to a list of item menus, developers can also access the listed pricing information for individual products. For more information on cannabis dispensaries and menu details, check out our Dispensary Object and Menu Item Object definition sections in the API documentation.


Cannabis Seed Companies

Cannabis seed companies are responsible for creating the strains that are available for growing and breeding. Seed companies are capable of perfecting different versions of the same strain, which is why it is important to include seed company data when discussing different strains. The Smoke Reports API allows developers to organize information on the strains offered by the seed company, the different landrace origins used by the seed company, and reviews for all of the strains available from the seed company. For more information on cannabis seed company data, check out the Seed Company Object definition section of the API documentation.


Start Building with the Smoke Reports API

The Smoke Reports API is open to everybody, and we encourage educators, developers, and businesses to get started directly from the documentation. If you would like increased access to the Smoke Reports API, create a free Smoke Reports account or send us a message through our contact page. For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page.