Smoke Reports continues to push the boundaries of cannabis technology. Our database now lists over 14,000 strains, extracts, edibles, products, and companies. Nearly 5,000 individual cannabis strains are listed on Smoke Reports, including genetic lineages detailing both parent strains and offspring. Web developers, educators, and businesses all have open access to our API (application programming interface), allowing for new  cannabis education and technology to be built on substantial cannabis information from our ever-growing database. The Smoke Reports platform allows for improved access to cannabis genetics and product information, which promotes discovery and exploration for both the cannabis community and industry.


Smoke Reports Supports the Global Cannabis Community

Collecting Cannabis Genetics

Cannabis genetics are an extremely important part of how cannabis affects individual patients. Here at Smoke Reports, we believe that providing strain information beyond indica and sativa will allow consumers to better understand their personal reactions to cannabis. By mapping the lineages of unique cannabis strains all the way back to their original landraces, the Smoke Reports database gives patients better access to the information behind each strain. Landrace genetics are a determining factor for plant characteristics, yet several other components also determine quality and potency.

One very important consideration for cannabis quality is the seed company or cultivator that actually produced the strain. Smoke Reports tracks strain genetics by seed company as well, because there are many similar strains that are very easy to confuse, and often carry the same name. Being able to follow both strains and seed companies allows cannabis patients to identify the cultivators most devoted to quality and consistency.

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Landraces and Lineages Help Patients Determine the Best Genetics for Personal Use

Tools for Cannabis Exploration and Patient Discovery

Smoke Reports offers free tools for everyone to be able to track their cannabis experiences, and determine which cannabis genetics provide desired effects. Every person has a unique endocannabinoid system that responds to cannabis differently from patient to patient. The Smoke Reports Genetic Recommendation Engine understands that while public reviews can certainly point someone in the right direction, cannabis suggestions should be based primarily on personal experiences, not anecdotal evidence from other patients.

When someone submits a Smoke Report on a strain or product, the evaluation is added to their personal cannabis profile, and will later be cross-referenced when that individual is searching for other cannabis items that will meet their desired effects and flavors. Tools for suggesting cannabis based on personal experiences will give both patients and budtenders a better foundation for discovering the cannabis that is right for them as an individual.

Patients and Budtenders Both Deserve Tools to Evaluate Cannabis

Patients and Budtenders Both Deserve Tools to Evaluate Cannabis (source)

Connecting the Cannabis Industry and Community

Smoke Reports provides cannabis patients and businesses a space to have an open and unbiased conversation about cannabis. Patients, dispensaries, and producers are all a part of the cannabis community, and it is important that everyone’s voice is heard as cannabis transitions into the positive social spotlight. When patients provide honest feedback on products and strains, dispensaries and producers are better able to respond by creating and offering the cannabis items that best fit the desires of the patient community. This communication and connectivity will benefit everyone as the cannabis industry evolves, and Smoke Reports will continue offering a platform with tools for anyone to be able to access and promote cannabis information.

A Variety of Cannabis Items from Herbal Mission in San Francisco

A Variety of Cannabis Items from Herbal Mission  in San Francisco

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