Smoke Reports just launched the most efficient brand management platform ever built for cannabis dispensaries. Attracting new patients to your dispensary requires a lot of effort, and the most effective way is undoubtedly fostering a strong online presence. There are many web platforms for dispensaries to display their menus, yet the technology powering these other platforms is extremely bulky, and clearly not created for an industry as complex as cannabis. Smoke Reports has created management tools designed specifically for dispensaries to properly represent their cannabis strains and products. Efficient listing tools make it easy to populate your menus with meaningful information that consumers can actually explore. All other platforms limit dispensaries in the quality of information that can be listed. Most require dispensary representatives to type in text that barely describes the item (flower, extract, edible, topical, etc), which ends up confusing your would-be patients. The Smoke Reports dispensary platform is powered by the world’s largest cannabis database, with over 5,000 individual cannabis strains, and over 8,000 unique cannabis products, from hundreds of different companies. Smoke Reports is committed to providing the cannabis industry with the tools, technology, and live market data that will help businesses display accurate information to patients.

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Patients Want to Search for New Medicine by Location and Brand

The Cannabis Industry Deserves Better Technology

Improving the cannabis information that patients explore online is important for everyone in the cannabis industry. Smoke Reports understands that improving cannabis information begins with better technology, so that dispensaries and producers can easily represent cannabis items with complete details, like genetic lineage, potency, nutritional facts, photos, and certified lab tests. For dispensaries in particular, an updated menu is expected every day, sometimes requiring one or two changes and other times demanding a complete re-listing of the strains and products currently available. The Smoke Reports dispensary dashboard allows for complete menu updates in just minutes. Dispensaries can choose strains and products directly from the Smoke Reports database, and populate their menus with pre-completed information, submitted directly by producers. All menu changes are instantly reflected on both the Smoke Reports database, and on any of your websites or in-store menus that are powered by the Smoke Reports API (free for all Smoke Reports business accounts, and highly useful for your programmers). The dispensary tools also make it easy for any of your representatives to update product pricing, with bulk and individual sorting options that simplify menu management, and save your business valuable time each day.

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Save Time Updating Your Menu with Our Intuitive Dispensary Dashboard

Cannabis Market Data Drives Smart Business Decisions

The cannabis industry can be a very competitive environment, with dispensaries fighting for consumer loyalty by offering prices and services that show commitment to quality and care. Smoke Reports evaluates all product pricing and availability within regional markets in order to provide cannabis businesses with a detailed analysis of where their brand stands amongst the competition. Comparative data for dispensaries is vital to making informed decisions on how your products are priced, and which brands are on your shelves. Exclusive market data allows dispensaries to monitor the average prices for over 14,000 individual strains and products, as well as regional popularity and the other locations offering these products. It is important to examine your prices from the perspective of consumers, who are searching for the best deals on the products they know and love. The market data available from Smoke Reports gives dispensaries the information they need to separate themselves from the pack.

Live Market Data Provides Regional Price Comparisons by Location and Product

Opportunities to Connect the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is full of complex relationships, and the quality of each product depends on several factors. Smoke Reports is connecting cannabis products in a way that cannabis technology has never seen before. Our UCPC (Universal Cannabis Product Code) system accounts for detailed production factors to be linked to individual products. For example, let’s take a look at the Jack Herer wax from the cannabis producer Gold Drop. Jack Herer is a very popular strain, with genetics offered by the seed company Sensi Seeds. Both this strain and the seed company are known for their quality. Flowers from the Jack Herer strain were concentrated into cannabis wax, a distinct form of extract, by the reputable extract company Gold Drop. Each  of these details is interlinked, so that consumers can explore in any direction, either looking into the seed company, the producer, the type of product, or the strain itself. The way in which Smoke Reports has catalogued details for individual products makes discovery easy for consumers, and greatly increases the number of opportunities for local dispensaries to appear across the Smoke Reports platform. A dispensary that carries the Jack Herer wax by Gold Drop will appear on each page associated with the specific product, as well as all of the pages associated with the strain details and companies that created the product. The Smoke Reports platform maximizes exposure for your dispensary by increasing the number of pages on which your dispensary’s branding will appear.

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Smoke Reports Links Strains and Seed Companies to Producers and the Medicine They Create

Dispensary Account Sign-Ups Now Open

Smoke Reports now allows dispensaries to take control of their listing, and use the data and management tools to promote their brand with our powerful API. You can sign up for your dispensary’s account through our business page, or feel free to call our toll-free number to chat with our team (844-984-2223). Smoke Reports works every day to improve our superior cannabis tools, and your feedback and suggestions help us further the possibilities of cannabis technology. If you have any ideas for market analysis that would help your business, let us know so that our team can continue building solutions for an advanced cannabis industry. Please send us a message through our contact page, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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