Photos from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Humboldt, CA is at the heart of cannabis cultivation. There are thousands of cannabis farms within the state of California, and many of them sit in the “Emerald Triangle,” a tri-county region including Mendocino County, Humboldt County, and Trinity Country. This area is famous for producing coveted Northern California cannabis, and many residents within the region are participants in the cannabis economy. Unfortunately, some of these cannabis operations rely on public lands and utilities, and lead certain cultivators to make potentially violent preparations to protect their plants.

Large Outdoor Cannabis Farms

Large Outdoor Cannabis Farms Sustain a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Between June 22nd and June 25th of 2015, eight search warrants were served by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Seven search warrants, each for different locations, resulted in the Sheriff’s Office seizing or eradicating a staggering amount of cannabis from commercial cultivation operations. No suspects were located on the properties.

The Sheriff’s Office seized or eradicated the following items from the search warrants:

1. 23,211 marijuana plants.
2. 4,394 pounds of processed marijuana.
3. 15 pounds of marijuana hash in brick form.
4. 16 firearms.
5. 50,000 rounds of ammunition in the following calibers, .50 caliber, .308 caliber and .556 caliber.

– Search Warrant: Case 201502868:

The eighth warrant did not result in any arrests or seizures, as it was concluded the suspect at that location was growing roughly fifty cannabis plants, all in compliance with California’s medical cannabis guidelines.

Humboldt Indoor Cannabis Grow Operation

Humboldt is Home to Many Indoor Cannabis Grow Operations


In total, the Sheriff’s Office confiscated roughly 26.5 million dollars worth of cannabis. While that is an incredible amount of money, ArcView Market Research estimates that nearly 1.3 billion dollars worth of cannabis was sold in California in 2014. That means these seven warrants uncovered nearly 2% worth of cannabis sold in 2014.


The cannabis industry is booming in California, and will continue to grow far bigger over the coming years. The carbon footprint being imposed on the environment has worried quite a few people, and the amount of trash recovered from these cannabis grows is depressing to say the least.

Garbage from Illegal Cannabis Farm

Waste Left Behind at a Cannabis Grow Operation


Further discussion needs to be had questioning the reasons that drive cultivators to engage in detrimental farming techniques like the illegal dumping of garbage, water diversion and grading of land without a permit.

Cannabis Farm Water Source

Enormous Water Bladder to Sustain a Season of Cannabis Farming

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