Our team here at Smoke Reports is on a mission to improve the relationship between humans and cannabis. This relationship needs to be founded on solid cannabis information, which has been largely unavailable due to eight decades of prohibition. Founder David Drake realized in 2008 that there were no groups building technology to actually support the cannabis industry. Back then, cannabis platforms were pre-fabricated websites intended for completely different industries.


Fast forward seven years, and virtually nothing has changed. Cannabis information still exists as disconnected  fragments of knowledge, hidden beneath a bulging layer of advertisements and media hype. Drake has spent these last seven years building a database and establishing a team to help connect cannabis information in meaningful ways.

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The underlying goal is to give every member of the cannabis community, including patients, doctors, producers, dispensaries, and educators, substantial tools designed specifically for the sharing of quality cannabis information. Through valuable feedback from our users and clients, we continue to improve our technology so that people everywhere can engage with cannabis. Smoke Reports strives to keep cannabis human. Check out our tools for yourself with a free account.

Cannabis Tools for Consumers

Virtually every cannabis platform supports user reviews with a Yelp-like structure. But with something as personal as cannabis, peer reviews do not capture the complex chemical reactions that each of us experience differently. Smoke Reports has developed a personal recommendation engine that suggests local cannabis strains based only on the previous experiences of that individual user.

The engine has 45,000 genetic cross-references between 15,000 cannabis producers, dispensaries, strains, and products. Suggestions are established by the genetic lineage, flavors, effects, form, and locations that the user has previously enjoyed. To begin building out your personal recommendation engine, simply fill out a few reviews on your favorite strains, edibles, extracts, or other products.

Highly Suggested Strains When Searching for Creativity

Highly Suggested Strains When Searching for Creativity

The Most Complete Cannabis Database

Smoke Reports is the only cannabis platform that allows users to review their favorite edibles, extracts, topicals, and pre-rolls. There is one simple reason why Smoke Reports stands alone with product reviews: other platforms haven’t figured out how to build a  database that accounts for the hundreds of variables between different edibles, extracts, and other products. Smoke Reports has already established a database of over 9,000 cannabis products, and those are just the ones available in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ever-growing database is expanding daily as we open up new regions.

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Making Cannabis Lab Tests Available to the Public

Cannabis information also suffers from an extensive lack of transparency. Smoke Reports is the only platform that supports cannabis lab tests for individual products, so that patients can easily view exactly what is going into their medicine. The absences of visible lab tests is an industry-wide problem that is not being addressed by other websites who are more concerned with maximizing profits from advertising and branding.

Lab Tests Determine Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles

Lab Tests Determine Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles

Lab tests are only part of the valuable information that people can use to measure their experiences beyond “indica” and “sativa.” Improving the cannabis conversation is an important step for a more knowledgeable community. In the wine industry, product language is much more advanced than simply red and white.


There are very unique types of grapes (cultivars) much like there are cannabis strains. Also like cannabis, growing conditions can result in major variations among the same cultivar. Cabernet Sauvignon is grown at many vineyards across the world, and each bottle can turn out slightly different. The same goes for cannabis strains and products. The science behind our endocannabinoid systems is only just emerging, but it is clear that our reactions are more complex and personalized than we currently understand.

The Importance of Privacy and Removing Advertising

Smoke Reports has developed new tools for users to evaluate their personal cannabis experiences. These tools are only effective if people can explore unbiased cannabis information. We are the only cannabis discovery platform that does not support advertising of any kind on our site. We also refuse to use any trackers, and never sell or distribute any personal information of our users.


We respect the cannabis community far too much to swamp our users with the overwhelming advertising that is almost universal on other cannabis platforms. “But how do you make money?” ask those familiar with traditional cannabis industry practices. The answer is that we here at Smoke Reports are not alone in wanting to see accurate cannabis information available for everyone’s use, and we continue to grow with increasing support from the entire cannabis community.

Growth Tools for Cannabis Businesses

While our main focus is building tools for the cannabis community, we were certain not to forget about the hard-working folks producing and dispensing our medicine. Smoke Reports has created tools for dispensaries and producers to be able to define their products precisely in order to represent their brands to the fullest.

Smoke Reports Offers Tools for Producers of All Sizes to Control Their Brands

Smoke Reports Offers Tools for Companies of All Sizes to Control Their Brands

The fundamental concept behind Smoke Reports is sharing accurate information. Producers know the exact qualities of each of their products, and most likely have certified lab test results to support their claims. When producers have control over the details of their products online and are able to easily post lab tests, patients have access to the best possible information.

Additionally, our tools allows dispensaries to easily update their menus from our database. This means that in a matter of minutes, dispensaries can list their entire inventory with product information defined directly by the producer. When authentic cannabis information is complete and accessible, the entire cannabis community thrives.

The Most Powerful Cannabis API Ever

The Smoke Reports database is accessible through our incredibly powerful API (automated programming interface). Our API is available for use by businesses, educators, and developers who want to build more substantial technology for cannabis. Companies can build the API into their websites and applications, and present all of the cannabis information with their own branding. The API essentially turns the business account dashboard into a management tool that gives businesses control over the pricing, availability, and details of their products as they appear across the web.

Cannabis Data

Tracking Cannabis with Universal Cannabis Product Codes

In our continued effort to support better cannabis information, we have developed the UCPC system (Universal Cannabis Product Code). This codification system gives cannabis companies the ability to define certain production aspects of each item: seed company, strain, producer, product, and production batch. This is also the systems that allows for the intricate tracking and linking of products throughout our cannabis technologies. Even as the industry becomes more regulated, the UCPC system is still the most powerful mechanism for making cannabis information available.


Market Data to Help Businesses Make Crucial Decisions

One added bonus of linking all of this cannabis information is the wealth of market data available for businesses. Because the database is able to combine information on pricing, cannabinoid content, and availability, we are able to offer comparative market data that analyzes regional cannabis industries. Some of the current types of data businesses can use to make informed decisions:

  • Regional pricing averages by product or strain
  • Price-to-potency comparison by product type
  • Comparative pricing by retailer
  • Pricing frequency by region
  • Product availability by region

The Smoke Reports database can be used to organize information in many different ways, so if you have feedback regarding additional market data that would support your business, please reach out to us with your suggestions. The cannabis industry deserves the number-crunching analysis that is so widely available for every other consumable.

Cannabis market data smoke reports

Supporting the Future of Cannabis with Technology

Smoke Reports has adopted a completely new attitude toward cannabis technology. We build tools that will actually help the community and the industry interact with one another, and continue to improve the conversation surrounding cannabis. We hope to foster a more legitimate cannabis community that is based on accurate information available to all.

The best way to achieve a wealth of shared knowledge is to respect everyone involved with cannabis research, production, distribution, and consumption. The future of cannabis will hinge on whether we can come together as a community and prove that cannabis has an important relationship with humans.

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