Cannabis seed companies offer thousands of genetic strains to growers across the world. Here at Smoke Reports, we believe it is incredibly valuable for the cannabis community to be able to search for the different seed companies creating their favorite genetics.

The following is a list of seed companies that are providing quality cannabis seeds to the community. There are many awesome seed companies that did not make this particular list, but that does not mean they aren’t breeding the best cannabis for you. When checking out seed companies on Smoke Reports, you can explore alphabetically or randomly with the arrows in the top right of your screen.

ACE Seeds

ace seeds

ACE Seeds is located in Spain, offering strains with direct landrace genetics. In fact, they use landrace genetics from sixteen different countries. Nepalese Jam is a cross of Nepalese Landrace x Jamaican Landrace.

Nepalese Jam

Strain: Nepalese Jam

Big Buddha Seeds

big buddha seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is a heavy hitter in the seed bank line-up. Their genetics consist of six landraces from all over the world. One of their most infamous strains is Big Buddha Cheese, winner of the 19th annual Cannabis Cup. This strain’s lineage is Cheese x Afghani Landrace.

The Cali Connection

the cali connection cannabis seed company

The Cali Connection is a seed company that highlights strains from California. One of their most popular strains is Alien OG Kush, which is available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Alien OG Kush is a mix between Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush.

Dutch Passion Seed Company


Located in Amsterdam, Dutch Passion Seed Company has been producing high quality cannabis seeds since 1987. They use landrace genetics from five different continents. One of their most well known strains is Skywalker, a mix between a Mazar female and a Blueberry male.


Strain: Skywalker

Emerald Triangle

Emerald Triangle Seed Company Cannabis

Emerald Traingle seed company is another Californa seed bank offering developing strains with Californian heritage. Emerald Triangle crosses genetics from Afghanistan, to Switzerland, and on to Mexico as well. Emerald Jack is a popular strain often available in San Francisco, created by mixing Emerald OG with Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds.


Strain: Emerald Jack

Flying Dutchmen Seed Company

Flying Dutchmen Seed Company

Flying Dutchmen Seed Company offers thirty-eight different strains from twelve different regions. Some of their more exotic landrace genetics come from countries like Swaziland, Tajikistan, and Papua New Guinea. One of their most notable strains is Pot of Gold, a mix between Hindu Kush and Skunk No. 1.


Strain: Pot of Gold

Gage Green Group

Gage Green Group Cannabis Seed Company

The Gage Green Group creates some of the finest strains using a variety of landrace genetics. Mendo Breath is one of the Gage Green Group’s premier strains, mixing Ogreskush with Cherry Pie.


Strain: Mendo Breath

Homegrown Fantaseeds

HomeGrown Fantaseeds Cannabis Seed Company

Homegrown Fantaseeds was voted the best seed company at the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, and have continued to win awards ever since. One of their most beloved strains is Blue Haze, a cross between Homegrown Haze and DJ Short‘s Blueberry.

Strain: Blue Haze

Strain: Blue Haze

Infinity Seeds

Infinity Seeds Cannabis Seed Company

Infinity Seeds is a Spanish company known for Strawberry Dream. Strawberry Dream is a cross between a female Swiss Erdbeer and pollen from a male Nepali OG.

Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands Cannabis Seed Company

Jordan of the Islands is a seed company from British Columbia that has been breeding cannabis seeds for over twenty years. One of their most popular strains is Ambrosia, a potent mix between Burmese and God Bud. Ambrosia is currently available at five different San Francisco dispensaries.


Strain: Ambrosia

KC Brains

KC Brains cannabis seed company

KC Brains has been exploring the world since the late 1970s, trading seeds and cannabis knowledge with people from all over. A strain that highlights diverse landrace genetics is Mango, hailing from Afghanistan, Brazil, Thailand, and Ukraine. Mango is the result of male Afghani Landrace pollen being exposed to a female cross between KC Special Select and KC 33.


Strain: Mango

Lowlife Seeds

Lowlife Seeds Cannabis Seed Company

Lowlife Seeds is a group of breeders that works specifically with auto-flowering characteristics.  One of their most well-known strains is Automatic AK-47, a cross between AK-47 and Lowryder.

Mota Rebel Genetics

Mota Rebel Strains

Mota Rebel Seeds offers seeds for over forty strains from nine different landrace countries. Toxic Blue is one of their strains bred with in-house genetics. Toxic Blue is a cross between Blue Kronic and Killian.

Strain: Toxic Blue

Strain: Toxic Blue

NorStar Genetics

NorStar Genetics Cannabis Seed Company

NorStar Genetics is a seed company on the endless hunt for premier cannabis genetics. A favorite strain of many is Alcatraz OG, which is a cross between Hells Angel OG and Frisco OG.

Strain: Alcatraz OG

Strain: Alcatraz OG

OG Raskal Genetics

OG Raskal Genetics

OG Raskal mixes the best genetics from California with landrace genetics from all over the equator. A strain that has been widely available recently is White Fire OG, otherwise known as WiFi OG. WiFi OG mixes Fire OG Kush and The White.

Purple Caper Seeds

Purple CapeRX Seeds Cannabis Seed Company

Purple Caper Seeds offers over seventy different strains, blending landrace characteristics from five continents. A very popular strain from Purple Caper Seeds is Cookie Lady, with genetics from Afghanistan, Brazil, India, and South Africa. Cookie Lady is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire Lady.

Strain: Cookie Lady

Strain: Cookie Lady

Queen Seeds

Queen Seeds

Queen Seeds is a Spanish seed company mixing genetics from South America with landraces from the Himalayas. NL Apollo G13 is a mix of Northern Lights #5 and Apollo 13 Sativa.

Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Seed Company Cannabis

Rare Dankness seed company was founded in 2010, but the collection of genetics spans several decades. A much loved strain offered by Rare Dankness is Long Peak Blue, which is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Rare Dankness #1.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds Cannabis Seed Company

Sensi Seeds is one of the most famous seed companies in the world. Sensi Seeds is responsible for creating dozens of strains that are found in dispensaries across the country. One of their many well-known strains is Black Domina, which highlights how diverse cannabis genetics can get. Black Domina has traces of Northern Lights, Ortega C99, Hash Plant, and Afghani Landrace.

Strain: Black Domina

Strain: Black Domina

T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds cannabis company

T.H. Seeds was established in Amsterdam in 1993. One of their most popular strains is S.A.G.E., which is used by many cannabis breeders because it produces such high quality cannabis. S.A.G.E. is a cross between Haze and the Afghani Landrace.

Strain: S.A.G.E.

Strain: S.A.G.E.

Underground Seeds Collective

Underground Seeds Collective Cannabis Seed Company

Underground Seeds is a collective of breeders very interested with the preservation of original landraces. One of their most exciting strains is Cheestral, which is a cross between Exodus Cheese and Pakistan Chitral Kush.


Strain: Cheestral

Vancouver Island Seed Company

vancouver island seed company

Vancouver Island Seed Company is responsible for many potent cannabis strains. One of their most available strains is Midnight, a premier strain created by crossing F-ing Incredible with Black, both originally bred by Vancouver Island Seed Company.

Strain: Midnight

Strain: Midnight

World of Seeds

world of seeds cannabis company

World of Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that goes to the source to get their cannabis genetics. Delirium is one of their more well-known strains, created by crossing Black Domina, Jack Herer, and Mazar-i-Sharif Afghani.


Strain: Delirium

Xtreme Seeds Co.

Xtreme seeds cannabis company

Xtreme Seeds Cannabis Co. is a Spanish seed company crossing robust genetics to make new favorites. OG Kush Express is a cross between San Fernando Valley OG and Afghani Landrace, drawing on a lot of genetic characteristics from Afghanistan.

Yardie Seeds

Yardie Seed Cannabis Company

Yardie Seeds creates many strains, but Jamaican Lambsbread is the most infamous among the Yardie Seeds cannabis strains. Jamaican Lambsbread is a strain with landrace characteristics, although specific genetics are unknown.

Zambeza Seeds

Zambeza Seeds

Zambeza Seeds offers feminized seeds for many different strains. White Cheese, from Zambeza Seeds, is occasionally available in San Francisco dispensaries. White Cheese is a mix of Super Skunk, Cheese, and Afghani Landrace.


Strain: White Cheese

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