The Smoke Reports mission is all about making cannabis information more available through improved technology. As our database grows, we appreciate the opportunity to work alongside like-minded members of the cannabis industry, and build cool tools that help the community. While cannabis is proving to be a fruitful industry, it is comforting to see people more concerned with the consumer experience rather than just cents and dollars.

Smoke Reports Technology

The Smoke Reports API is available for businesses to display supplemental cannabis strain information like effects, flavors, lineage, and beyond. One of the innovative companies using our API is Marvina, a San Francisco cannabis company that provides monthly assortments of boutique cannabis. Together, Marvina and Smoke Reports are supporting the cannabis community with more substantial information about the many strains available for patients.

Marvina: Curated Cannabis for Grown-Ups

Marvina is a cannabis company that works to resolve the friction that many experience at retail dispensaries. Often times, these brick-and-mortar locations are crowded, and all of the choices can be intimidating for those who do not know exactly what they want. Marvina is not a dispensary, but rather a service that connects qualified patients with local dispensaries. The visionary tools offered by Marvina help patients access high quality cannabis without having to navigate the hundreds of options available at surrounding dispensaries.

Marvina Red Logo

The founders of Marvina, CEO Dane Pieri and CTO Derek Dahmer, are working to build a service that removes any frustration from the process of acquiring cannabis. Both Pieri and Dahmer are highly tech-driven, and are interested in developing new tools that redefine the consumer experience through innovation and information.

“Most of the people who use Marvina wouldn’t describe themselves as cannabis experts. They sign up for Marvina because they want someone else to do the legwork of picking cannabis strains each month. We provide background on the strains we feature for customers who are interested in learning more about cannabis. Smoke Reports data is part of that education.”

– Dane Pieri, CEO of Marvina

Marvina Provides Valuable Information on Featured Strains

Marvina Provides Valuable Information on Featured Strains

Integrating with the Smoke Reports API

The Smoke Reports API is available so that businesses can support their websites and services with accurate cannabis information. The lack of progress in cannabis technology has been overwhelming, and it is refreshing to see companies like Marvina step up and strive to offer consumers with something beyond “cannabis for sale.”

Marvina is currently using the Smoke Reports API to provide meaningful information on the featured strains offered through their platform. “The most interesting part of the Smoke Reports API for us has been the geographic data on strains,” says CEO Dane Pieri. “Knowing where in the world a strain’s ancestors are from adds color to the tasting notes we produce for the strains we curate.”

Countries of Origin for Confidential Cheese: One of the Many Strains Featured by Marvina

Countries of Origin for Confidential Cheese: One of the Many Strains Featured by Marvina

The API pulls from the Smoke Reports database, which links information on 5,500 strains and over 9,000 combined edibles, extracts, and other products. “It’s the most comprehensive strain database out there, so it is particularly useful for reconciling conflicting information about a strain,” continues Pieri. “Collecting this data ourselves would be impractical, so it is great to have access to it through the [Smoke Reports] API.”

Pieri and Dahmer have established Marvina as the premier source of information for consumers looking for a curated cannabis experience. The Smoke Reports API gives Marvina access to a layer of knowledge that is instantly made available to all of their users and site visitors.

Marvina Provides Patients with Information on Flavor and Effects

L.A. Confidential: Marvina Provides Patients with Information on Flavor and Effects

Working Together to Improve the Human Experience of Cannabis

As the cannabis industry becomes more connected, it will become increasingly important for businesses to work together to improve the experience for patients and consumers. Marvina is an early adopter of the Smoke Reports API that proves how effective it can be to provide customers with detailed information. Giving consumers relevant product information allows them to make confident decisions, and further connect with the brand.

Marvina: Curated Cannabis for Grown-Ups

Marvina: Curated Cannabis for Grown-Ups

The cannabis community deserves easy access to accurate information, and through the Smoke Reports API, early adopters like Marvina are building tools that respect the community’s desire for better cannabis knowledge. If you would like to get in touch with Marvina, you can do so through their contact page.

If you are interested in working with our open API, you can request a key through a free Smoke Reports account. For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page. If you would like to submit feedback or suggestions for the Smoke Reports team, please join the discussion in the comments section below, or through our social media links.