Smoke Reports has released the most powerful open cannabis API (application programming interface), providing access to an ever-growing list of over 16,000 strains, extracts, edibles, products, producers, seed companies, and dispensaries. “We are thrilled to be providing the cannabis community with improved information technology,” says David Drake, Founder & CEO of Smoke Reports.


Smoke Reports Wants Accurate Cannabis Information Made Available

“We believe information can be one of the most powerful forces in ensuring an open and free industry where everyone can thrive on an equal playing field,” continues Drake. “That’s why we’re offering an API to let our cannabis community build upon the years of work we’ve done to catalogue and organize this fast evolving industry.”


Cannabis Technology for the Industry

The Smoke Reports API can be used by other cannabis businesses to power their own apps, websites, and internal business tools. Businesses using the API can automatically update content displayed on their online platforms, with access to the world’s largest cannabis database at


Universal Cannabis Product Codes

The best way to outline the power of the API is to examine the many ways in which Smoke Reports tracks cannabis. “We do this using our UCPC – Universal Cannabis Product Code system that we created and designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Adopting the UCPC allows cannabis companies to identify the genetic origin and production details for every single item they add to the Smoke Reports database,” says Drake.


The UCPC Allows for Cool Technologies, Like Lab Tests Available Through QR Codes

Tracking cannabis strains involves an incredible amount of interconnected information. There are many factors that make every batch of cannabis flowers unique, including environment, genetics, processing, and cultivator skill. We tracks strains by genetic lineage, as well as the seed company that developed the strain,” says Drake. There are currently over 47,000 genetic cross-references available through the Smoke Reports API.


Smoke Reports: Create Meaningful Cannabis Tools

In 2008, David Drake built Smoke Reports as a tool for tracking cannabis genetics and in 2014, he brought Smoke Reports to San Francisco to begin its life as a technology startup. Drake and his team have been compiling cannabis data for the last eight years, and have successfully cultivated the platform for public use. “Our mission is to provide substantial technology for the growing cannabis industry based on a foundation of accurate, unbiased cannabis information. We want to share our years of hard work with the community and celebrate this innovation,” says Drake.


The Smoke Reports Team in Downtown San Francisco

Smoke Reports is a cannabis technology company working hard to improve the relationship between cannabis and human beings through education, outreach, and technology. Visit to learn more and become a part of our fast-growing cannabis community.


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Cannabis Deserves Technology

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