The Smoke Reports team is currently creating a new multimedia project to address the human side of cannabis. The project is called “Faces of Cannabis,” and will include interviews, stories and advice from real patients who have experienced the connection between cannabis and serious medical conditions.


We are taking this opportunity to link human faces with the success of cannabis, so that doctors, patients, caretakers, family members, and educators can all confidently learn from those who stood up to their conditions.

Explore the Human-Cannabis Relationship

Smoke Reports has always been committed to improving the availability of cannabis information. Our platform and tools promote a more personal approach to medical cannabis, and we want “Faces of Cannabis” to reflect our mission.


We believe that exploring the relationship between patients and their medicine will help inspire those who are still cautious when it comes to medical cannabis. Building this resource will help the cannabis community distinguish trends that can serve as a map of the different methods of cannabis healing.

Making Meaningful Cannabis Content

The multimedia project will include a variety of content, including videos, interviews, stories, and sources for further personal research. We want all of the patients who participate to feel comfortable, and this means that some of the content will remain anonymous.


Please contact us at [email protected] if you or anyone you know would like to help inspire other patients to explore cannabis options. We will happily include stories, anecdotes, advice, photos, or anything else that you feel may benefit the community.

Cannabis is a Personal Experience

Cannabis is an incredibly personal medicine, and everyone’s endocannabinoid system responds differently. It is very hard to predict the effectiveness of a cannabis dose in the ways that orthodox pharmaceuticals are prescribed. “Faces of Cannabis” will promote this fact, while also revealing trends involved with cannabis healing.

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When a patient describes their journey, they are exposing the questions and fears that they have encountered, and providing insights into their experience with overcoming those obstacles. This project hopes to capture these individual approaches in a way that new patients can confidently use to map out their own paths to healing.

Get Involved with Faces of Cannabis

The “Faces of Cannabis” campaign will continue to grow. We are determined to compile information on many different medical conditions, and want to include as many stories as possible. If you know anyone who would like to share their journey, please have them reach out to us at [email protected].


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