Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Smoke Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Smoke Reports at SF HempCon 2015

HempCon (August 21-23)  is a cannabis convention where members of the industry can show off their goods to attendees. Smoke Reports sent a few team members to the San Francisco Cow Palace and interview vendors, with the goal of highlighting 2015’s coolest cannabis brands. We had a fantastic time learning about different cannabis companies, as well as sampling edibles, extracts, and flowers throughout the day. We saw everything from pre-made pancake batter to strain-specific tinctures that tasted like fruit! You can read the Smoke Reports HempCon feature on our blog, and check out the winners on HempCon’s website.


Analysis of Tax Revenue from Colorado and Washington

In a recent analysis, tax revenue from Colorado and Washington has surpassed $200 million dollars. Those numbers do not even include the funds made available from sales tax, industry fees, and licensing costs. Both states brought in a lot of tax revenue, however, people who are familiar with cannabis legalization and taxation warn other states not to get over-zealous about the tax potentials.

“The big lesson we tell other states is you probably shouldn’t legalize marijuana if you want to make money — that’s not why you do it… You do it because you think that a regulated marketplace might be safer than an unregulated marketplace or you believe that the war on drugs didn’t work.”

– J. Skyler McKinley, deputy director of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s (D) Office of Marijuana Coordination.


First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Las Vegas Area

Euphoria Wellness has opened in Clark County, setting itself as the first cannabis dispensary in the Las Vegas area. Medical cannabis has been legal in Nevada since 2000, and patients and lawmakers have been fed up with the lack of structure for legal dispensaries. Euphoria Wellness marks the beginning of a change to the Las Vegas  area, where patients from other states can use their cards to acquire cannabis through a process called reciprocity.


Illinois Approves First Dispensary Application

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) announced on August 25th that they have accepted and filed the registration for the state’s first medical cannabis dispensary. The dispensary, called Harbory, will be located at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, IL (Google Maps).

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.56.27 PM

The approved registration for Harbory comes over a year and a half after the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act went into effect on January 1st, 2014. The Illinois cannabis legislation requires medical dispensaries to source cannabis exclusively from the licensed growing facilities that have also received approval from the IDFPR. So far, no cultivation facilities have been officially registered, so there will still be a waiting period before patients can shop at the Marion dispensary.

Upcoming Cannabis Events


NW Cannabis Classic – Tacoma, Washington (August 28-30)

Tacoma is the second stop on the NW Cannabis Classic tour. Visitors can participate in competitions, workshops, lectures, and enjoy food, entertainment and recreating areas. There will be a large variety of vendors showcasing their products.


CannaGrow Expo – Portland, Oregon (August 28-29)

This event is a two-day educational expo, dedicated to the art and science of cultivating cannabis. The event is open to everyone 18 years of age and older. Booths will be providing informational resources for growers, dispensary owners, grow operations managers, and amateur enthusiasts. There will be no cannabis use or sales at this event.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.08.52 PM

The 420 Games Golf Tournament – San Jose, California (August 29th)

The 420 Games is at it again! This golf tournament comes only weeks after their awesome 4.20 Mile Fun Run in San Francisco. The event, in partnership with Harborside Health Center, will take place on Saturday, Aug. 29th at the Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose.


Cannabis Education Forum – West Hollywood, California (August 29th)

The Cannabis Education Forum is a space where businesses, patients, and medical professionals can have an open discussion about the current state of cannabis along with public input. The event takes place on Aug. 29th from 12-5pm at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium (647 N Vicente, West Hollywood).


Freedom Festival – San Francisco, California (September 13th)

Smoke Reports will be taking part in the San Francisco Freedom Festival, so mark your calendars in advance! The festival will celebrate and explore the concept of freedom through the arts, activism, and healing. Admission is free, and there will be live music, interactive art, guest speakers, workshops, massage, and more. The event takes place at the Old Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, Sept. 13th, from 12-6pm.

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