Smoke Reports is devoted to giving cannabis a better conversation. We recently announced our Faces of Cannabis campaign and have already received a lot of support from the community. Faces of Cannabis is emerging as a multimedia project to address the human side of cannabis. Our mission is to capture the stories of the cannabis community, and put it into an approachable form that can act as a confidence-builder for those who are unfamiliar with cannabis.


As the Faces of Cannabis journey rolled along, we stumbled upon an incredible resource called CannaEffect. CannaEffect is doing a wonderful job of highlighting the stories of real people finding relief from cannabis. Our team here at Smoke Reports could not be happier to find such an incredible informational resource with the right attitude all the way around. CannaEffect is a non-profit organization with no advertisements, and exactly the type of positive organization that Smoke Reports will continue to support.

Who is CannaEffect?

CannaEffect is a San Diego-based non-profit that publishes the stories of cannabis patients who have found success with cannabis therapy. By featuring personal accounts, and organizing the stories by condition, CannaEffect has built a very good starting place for people with serious medical conditions that want to further research the ways in which cannabis might work for them.


We were lucky enough to speak with Erin McDonald, the founder of CannaEffect. She explained to us the mission behind the organization, and Smoke Reports hopes to provide CannaEffect with some much deserved recognition. CannaEffect is committed to letting patients tell their stories, and they work closely with the patients to capture the full spectrum of emotions and decisions that arise through cannabis healing.


CannaEffect posts a responsible disclaimer that reinforces the fact that anecdotal evidence is not a replacement from a physician’s diagnosis. However, many of the stories highlight how difficult it is for doctors to approve of cannabis, simply because they do not have any experience with it as a medication. CannaEffect also features many cannabis advocates from the community who share the underlying goal of seeing cannabis help those in need. CannaEffect does operate off of donations from the public, and CannaEffect is definitely a company worthy of our support as they push legitimate cannabis further.

Some Highlight Patient Stories from CannaEffect


Michelle Mangione: Fought Cancer & Cushings Disease with Medical Cannabis… and Won!

Michelle was given three months to live with an overall diagnosis of Cushings Disease, but kept on fighting anyway. This touching feature from CannaEffect dives into the consciousness of health as well as the joy of baking cannabis edibles.

“You truly can affect your own life and your own healing.  Positive thoughts and the natural goodness of the Cannabis plant can turn your life around.  Don’t let anyone tell you your health and your quality of life is out of your own hands.”

-Michelle Mangione


Park Major: How Cannabis Gave Him a New Lease on Life

Park was told he had a year to live and there was nothing doctors could do. He was taking 35 different pills per day that actually caused life-threatening seizures. Park moved with his wife to Colorado, where he now has access to potent cannabis oil, and medicates without any pharmaceuticals. Like Michelle, Park also approaches his condition as conquerable, and has a much more comfortable life with cannabis therapy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.03.16 PM
Sadie Higuera: A Little Girl with a Second Chance

The stories of children with debilitating medical conditions are some of the hardest to handle. But it is heartwarming to hear more and more success stories from parents with severely ill children benefiting from cannabis. Sadie’s story (video here) documents the positive transformation of Sadie’s life after her parents began administering cannabis medication. Sadie suffered from nearly 300 seizures a day, and had multiple tumors throughout her body. Now she has no tumors and only a few seizures per week. Sadie’s family act as caretakers, and shed light on how scary it can be to take the leap to cannabis, but also how rewarding the outcome can be for your child’s life.

Smoke Reports Supports Like-Minded Cannabis Organizations

Here at Smoke Reports, we believe the most important aspect of growing a legitimate cannabis community is “cross-platform pollination.” Many groups and organizations within the cannabis community are very like-minded, and are capable of great things if they work together. We admire everything that CannaEffect has done and continues to do for the cannabis patient community, and there is certain to be some exceptional synergy between the efforts of CannaEffect and the upcoming Faces of Cannabis campaign being created by Smoke Reports.

Many People Could Be Cannabis Patients, They Just Need a Little Confidence

Many People Could Benefit from Cannabis, They Just Need a Little Confidence

If you would like to get in contact with CannaEffect to show support or share your story, visit them at To get involved with Faces of Cannabis, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page. You can also join the discussion in the comments section below, or through our social media links.