Northern California was recently ravaged by a series of wild fires that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres and have caused property damage totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Watching homes and livelihoods get burned to the ground is devastating, and the victims displaced by these fires need support from the community.

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

(Source/AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

We are giving a huge shoutout to AbsoluteXtracts and Care By Design for contributing relief to the patients affected by the Valley Fire, which has burned over 75,000 acres in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake County. In a statement released today, cannabis producers AbsoluteXtracts and Care By Design announced that they are donating $20,000 of medical cannabis products to patients who have lost everything.


The donation drive will run through October 7th, 2015. Four cannabis dispensaries in the affected areas will be distributing up to $200 of any AbsoluteXtracts or Care By Design products per patient. This includes the sublingual sprays, the vaporizer cartridges, concentrated oil extracts, and honey straws. Here is a list of the eligible residents as well as locations participating in the cannabis donation drive:

Residents Eligible for Support (w/ cannabis card)

  • COBB (95426)
  • KELSEYVILLE (95451)
  • MIDDLETOWN (95461)

You can pick up your free replacement medication at the following participating dispensaries:

  • California Member Services (Delivery service only, Lake County CA 95422, 707.900.1257)
  • Peace In Medicine (1061 North Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa CA 95401)
  • Peace In Medicine (6771 Sebastapol Ave., Sebastopol CA 94103)
  • SPARC (1256 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103)

The Smoke Reports team wants to give some much deserved recognition to AbsoluteXtracts, Care By Design, and all of the dispensaries that are assisting with this donation drive. The future of legitimate cannabis relies on these kinds of companies that give back to the community in a time of need. The cannabis community should always be looking to promote businesses that support the community.

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Smoke Reports continues to raise awareness for the victims of these fires and the damage sustained within the California cannabis industry.  Another great organization that is supporting those displaced by the fires is Pay It Forward Humboldt. Smoke Reports was proud to register a domain for them to point more people at their Facebook page, bringing more attention and donations to the victims.

Thousands of Donations Shows the Power of Community Outreach

Thousands of Donations Shows the Power of Community Outreach (

The cannabis community has always relied on patients helping one another, and it is inspiring to see cannabis businesses contributing substantial efforts to support fellow patients with high quality medicine.

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