Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Smoke Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

FBI Releases Report of Drug Arrests

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released the data from the 2014 Crime in the United States report. There were 700,993 cannabis-related arrests out of a total 1,561,231 drug arrests (44.9%). While the number of arrests is still staggering, the mid-2000s saw nearly 150,000 more cannabis arrests per year than they did in 2014. You can read the full breakdown in our previous blog post on the Arrests Report.


A total of 88% of the arrests were for possession, although the decrease in overall cannabis arrests points to a law enforcement trend to ignore cannabis and go after more severe drug crimes. The American public is shifting the general outlook on cannabis to be much more positive prompting law enforcement and policy makers to rethink their approach to sensible cannabis.

Care By Design Conducts Huge Patient Survey

California cannabis product manufacturing company Care By Design just released the findings from a patient survey that compared answers from 621 individual Californian patients who are currently using THC and CBD to alleviate their medical conditions.


The report is careful not to embellish the results, but the hope is that these key findings will inspire government agencies to conduct further substantial studies on the effectiveness of cannabis therapy. Here is a list of the key findings:

  1. Cannabis patients use CBD-rich cannabis medicine to provide relief for a variety of diseases and conditions.
  2. There is no correlation between a specific condition and the most effective ratio of THC to CBD. It did appear that issues with the central nervous system responded better to CBD-dominant therapies, while pain and inflammation favored more equal levels of THC and CBD.
  3. CBD alone is not as effective as a ratio of THC to CBD that makes the patient comfortable.
  4. CBD-dominant cannabis appears to be good at relieving pain, particularly with fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines.
  5. CBD-rich cannabis appears to be effective with a sense of wellbeing, particularly for PTSD.
  6. CBD-rich cannabis does not appear to impact energy levels.
  7. The only group who reported feeling a decreased sense of wellbeing or a worsening of mood were those who were using CBD-rich medicine only for wellbeing, suggesting that CBD products “may not be appropriate as a supplement for people who are otherwise healthy.”

While the majority of these findings have already been supported by anecdotal evidence, there were some interesting data points that deserve to be further explored. We discuss these points for further review in our blog post on the patient survey.


The most concerning to the Smoke Reports team was that 42.3% of patients reported not knowing what ratios of THC to CBD they are ingesting, meaning that nearly half of the patients are blindly consuming their cannabis medicine without proper measurements of doses or cannabinoid ratios.

Oregon Begins Recreational Cannabis Sales

On Oct. 1st, 2015, Oregon became the third state in America to permit legal cannabis sales for adult use. Residents of Oregon can purchase up to seven grams (quarter ounce) of dried cannabis flowers at roughly 200 cannabis dispensaries.

Medical marijuana shown at Oaksterdam University in Oakland

Oregon policymakers had to think on their feet a few months back, when it became apparent that recreational cannabis laws would go into effect before recreational retailers would be in a position to supply the public. Lawmakers decided that the existing medical program would be temporarily allowed to serve the recreational market as the adult use market is established by new laws and regulations.


As a bonus, the transactions taking place at the medical dispensaries will not be subjected to the 25% tax that will accompany recreational cannabis sales in early 2016. This means that cannabis is relatively tax-free for the time being in Oregon. Still, many municipalities have enacted bans on cannabis businesses in their jurisdiction, meaning that not every Oregonian is thrilled about legal cannabis.

Valley Fire Victims Get Medical Cannabis Donations

Northern California has been ravaged by a series of wild fires that continue to destroy hundreds of thousands of acres and have caused in the hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage. The Valley Fire has destroyed over 75,000 acres in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake Counties.

(Photo SacBee)

(Photo SacBee)

In a statement released last week, cannabis producers AbsoluteXtracts and Care By Design announced a donation drive in which $20,000 of medical cannabis products will be made available to patients affected by the Valley Fire. Patients from Cobb, Kelseyville, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake are eligible to receive up to $200 worth of Care By Design or AbsoluteXtracts are participating cannabis dispensaries.

You can pick up your free replacement medication at the following participating dispensaries:

  • California Member Services (Delivery service only, Lake County CA 95422, 707.900.1257)
  • Peace In Medicine (1061 North Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa CA 95401)
  • Peace In Medicine (6771 Sebastapol Ave., Sebastopol CA 94103)
  • SPARC (1256 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103)

Upcoming Cannabis Events


Bloom Farms Cannabis Job Fair – (Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 4)

Come join dozens of employers and hundreds of job seekers on Sunday, October 4th, 2015, for the first Los Angeles Cannabis Career & Job Fair taking place at the TISA Event space in Hollywood, CA. The last job fair in San Francisco was a huge success. Don’t miss this one! This event is be co-sponsored by the California Cannabis Industry Association.


The Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival – (Madison, WI: Oct. 2-4)

The Great Midwest Harvest Fest is the longest running cannabis festival in the country. This year marks their 45th event, and will include bands, speakers, vendors, and sponsors including many of Wisconsin’s NORML chapters.


Las Vegas Hempfest – (Las Vegas, NV: Oct. 3)

This is the 2nd annual Las Vegas Hempfest Carnival and Marijuana Exposition. There will be a special appearance by Tommy Chong as well as Medicinal Mike Boris. There will be educational presentations, vendor booths, musical appearances, and much more.


Oregon Hemp Convention and Medical Marijuana Cup – (Portland,OR: Oct 10-11)

The Oregon Hemp Convention is an unbelievable opportunity for the entire cannabis industry to come together and introduce themselves to the rush of new cannabis users in the state of Oregon. It is the responsibility of the cannabis community to educate these masses about what products and medications will be best suited for them. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to introduce your company to the Oregon public!


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