The Weed For Warriors Project is unleashing their newest campaign to educate the community on all things cannabis. The Weed For Warriors Project focuses on the benefits of cannabis for veterans and service people who deal with a variety of conditions, like pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The 2015 Cannaball Run is a cross-country campaign to raise awareness of the challenges that military veterans face in relieving their medical conditions after returning from service.

Anecdotal reports continually point to the effectiveness of cannabis over the current medical approaches available to veterans. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and the armed forces certainly do not approve of cannabis for medical relief.

Road Map for the Cannaball Run

Road Map for the Cannaball Run

The Cannaball Run intends to provide valuable cannabis information to communities across America. The event is coordinated by Weed For Warriors, and is also sponsored by groups like, Veterans for Compassionate Care, the Emerald Growers Association, and many more.

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The Cannaball Run kicks off on October 17th in Los Angeles. Our friends with the 420 Games, under the ambitious leadership of Jim McAlpine, have coordinated the Santa Monica 4.20 Mile March to support veterans and cannabis.

The 4.20 Mile March is free, but every stage of the Cannaball Run encourages donations to support further research on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating veteran medical conditions.



Here is a list of all of the stops planned for the cross-country 2015 Cannaball Run:

  1. Oct. 17 in Los Angeles, CA: 4.20-mile run/walk, reception at the ROC Santa Monica, sponsored by the 420 Games.
  2. Oct. 24 in Denver, CO: Infused cook-off (live on SiriusXM 420), PTSD survivors speak about cannabis, featuring speaker Robert Hoban, Esq.
  3. Oct. 26 in Phoenix, AZ: March from state capitol building to the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo, aerial flyover and paraglider rides for vets.
  4. Oct. 30 in Nashville, TN: Boxers and Boots 5K in Centennial park. Musical performance by Greta Gaines, and guest speakers on veterans’ health affairs.
  5. Nov. 3-4 in Spring Hope, NC: Tour of Hemp, Inc.’s industrial processing plant, education on economic role of hemp.
  6. Nov. 6-8 in Charlottesville, VA: 2015 Virginia Film Festival featuring “The Scientist” on Nov. 8th
  7. Nov. 9 in Philadelphia, PA: Vets join first ever Veterans’ Day Parade in Philly.
  8. Nov. 11 in Washington, D.C.: Vets meet at VA headquarters and march down Pennsylvania Ave to the Pill bottle display at the White House gates.

Anyone can help support the 2015 Cannaball Run. If you are unable to make it to one of the stops, you can donate through the fundraising campaign on sponsored by the verified non-profit organization America’s Veterans Demand Change.

As the convoy rolls across the country to each of the eight stops, it is important that members of the cannabis community try to attend in order to show those unfamiliar with cannabis how important this medicine is to the veterans who risked their lives for our country.

The Cannaball Run Convoy

The Cannaball Run Convoy

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