The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving into a legitimate consumables market. The New West Summit is set to be the first cannabis technology conference, and promises to offer businesses valuable information on the tech opportunities available in the cannabis space.


Smoke Reports will be attending the event as both a pronounced sponsor and a media partner. Tickets to the New West Summit can be found on Eventbrite, where the coupon code “smokereports” can be redeemed for 50% off of the ticket price. The event takes place at the Parc 55 Hotel in downtown San Francisco on November 20th and 21st (Friday and Saturday).


Our mission to provide quality technology to the cannabis community will be proudly displayed at our booth, where David Drake, our founder and CEO, will be answering questions when he is not performing his duties as a featured speaker.


Smoke Reports has an awesome family of clients that we will be proudly representing at our booth, including many Bay Area manufacturers and retailers. Come pick up promotional materials from our clients and enter our free raffle for your chance to win a brand new Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer.


Smoke Reports has been providing the cannabis community with awesome technology that surpasses every similar attempt seen so far. Consumers no longer have to find their cannabis on a map, or sort through a pile of unorganized leaves.

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The Smoke Reports administrative tools and live market data, now available for both producers and dispensaries, is quickly becoming the foundation for transparency and brand representation.


Grab your tickets for 50% off using the coupon code smokereports“on Eventbrite. Come check out our booth at the New West Summit to learn more about substantial cannabis technology, and for your chance to win a free Volcano Vaporizer. We hope to see you there!


Check back soon for news on this exciting technology event. For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page.