The New West Summit is set to take place on November 20th and 21st, at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco. Use the discount code “smokereports” for 50% off of event tickets.


Jim McAlpine, founder of The 420 Games, is working hard to elevate the conversation for cannabis. McAlpine co-founded The New West Summit with Dean Arbit, another progressive individual in the cannabis space. This event will be the first technology and media conference dedicated to the cannabis industry.


The idea of cannabis technology is attractive to potential investors who have seen industries revolutionized by software and hardware alike. The New West Summit has done a great job of assembling exhibitors and panelists to represent the full spectrum of technology in cannabis.


David Drake, founder and CEO of Smoke Reports, will be a featured panelist for consumer applications and cannabis software. Come visit the Smoke Reports team at our booth, and learn about our business tools, our API, and all of our cannabis tech solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies to explore at The New West Summit.

Tracking and Data

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly regulated with new testing requirements and product tracking through supply chains. The marketplace is also getting extremely competitive, and will soon rely on the same industry data that is available for other consumables industries. Making informed business decisions off of real metrics is the key to running a successful company.


Technology for Consumers

Consumer-facing technologies will be another popular topic to be addressed at The New West Summit. In the last few months, several companies have emerged with cannabis-infused solutions to social media, product research, and ordering medicine on-demand.

The PAX 2 Vaporizer is Very popular Among Consumers

The PAX 2 Vaporizer is Very popular Among Consumers

Consumers are also getting attention from hardware companies. Vaporizers and DIY grow kits are flying off the shelves, and this sector expects to see improvements in everything from heating elements to automated nutrient distribution.

Legal Compliance

One of the hottest trends in cannabis technology is “tracking seed-to-sale.” Transparency and compliance with safety standards is soon to be a very necessary part of running a legitimate cannabis business.


Inventory Software

POS and inventory solutions are also promising to bring the legal cannabis industry up to speed. Software and hardware companies are building tools that make it easier for retailers to track their sales, and improve the overall experience for consumers.


Cultivation Technology

The scale of legal cannabis grow operations has skyrocketed. Licensed companies can now convert entire warehouses into streamlined facilities designed for year-round flower production. Monitoring and caring for all of these plants used to require hours of time, and multiple farmers.


Now technology allows for a single employee to simply inspect the different automated processes of the cultivation center. Cultivators have also seen a lot of new hardware, like the rush of bulb designs that attempt to make light distribution more efficient in grow rooms.

The Future of Cannabis Technology

Cannabis can mean so many things to so many different people. The same can be said about technology. As the cannabis industry expands, more and more companies will work to solve technological deficiencies for cannabis producers, cultivators, and retailers.


Our community and industry both have a long way to go before consumers are able to interact with cannabis like they do with other products on sites like Consumers deserve access to quality cannabis information, and companies deserve the tools that help make that information available.

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Come visit the Smoke Reports booth at The New West Summit to learn more about our business solutions for labeling, transparency, market data, and administrative tools. For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page.