The New West Summit was the first conference devoted to cannabis technology and media. As the cannabis industry evolves, it is important that we all work together to guide the growth in a very responsive way. Jim McAlpine, Dean Arbit, David Downs, and the other event organizers all did a fantastic job of bringing people together from the entire spectrum of the industry to discuss the future of cannabis business.


The event was incredibly welcoming, and the opportunities for collaboration were apparent from the beginning. There were several different aspects of cannabis technology being presented, including companies building tools for lab testing, tracking, networking, branding, advertising, production, consumption, supply chain, and compliance.


The Smoke Reports team was thrilled with the opportunity to be a sponsored exhibitor and show the world all of the cannabis tools we are creating for consumers, businesses, educators, policymakers, and other technologists. Our founder and CEO David Drake was honored to participate as a panelist discussing cannabis software trends, which can be viewed in a full-length video available below.


The Smoke Reports Network Continues to Grow

Smoke Reports has been offering cannabis data through our open API for just over eight months. In that time, over 350 different developer groups have been building software, websites, and apps around our foundation of data. We successfully designed our display booth for the event to showcase how accessible our data is for consumers, businesses, and developers.


At the event, we began relationships with a lot of incredibly cool brands that are each building something progressive for cannabis. We will continue to follow the progress of excellent cannabis companies including MyDX, Rad Labs, Steep Hill, Cashinbis, CHEX, and  Elem-n-tal Digital.


Our folders were a huge hit, and we left the event with only a handful left over. We wanted the materials we made available to showcase not only our brand and features, but also the awesome producers and dispensaries working with us to improve cannabis information.


David Drake, Founder and CEO of Smoke Reports, Shines on Software Panel

A key theme that is discussed at nearly every cannabis event is transparent technology that will connect the industry with the community. Our founder and CEO David Drake was among three other panelists giving their views on the power of good cannabis software. Below are some great clips that highlight the Smoke Reports mission, and the inspiration and dedication behind our tools and network.

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