Smoke Reports is working hard to provide the world with access to accurate cannabis information. Our wonderful ambassador, Dr. Powers from Florida Medical Marijuana News, was able to attend the The High Times Cannabis Cup/Rastafari Rootzfest in Negril, Jamaica. She documented her experience in this wonderful country so that other readers could see how far the Jamaican cannabis community has come.


Through her reports, Dr. Powers shows us a view of social progress in one of the world’s most infamous cannabis sources. The Jamaica High Times Cannabis Cup was partnered with the Rastafari Rootzfest for an inaugural cultural event. Cannabis culture and awareness were major themes from the event, which marked a historical moment for positive cannabis policies.


The air was fragrant with a golden green scent of flowers cared for by cultivation masters. Proud Jamaicans were showcasing their sacred strains to visiting enthusiasts from all over the world. And most importantly, this event was the first time for Jamaicans to come together over cannabis without any fear of persecution or brutality.


Jamaica recently decriminalized cannabis for personal use, and cannabis morale is at an all time high on the island. Booths at the event offered a variety of cannabis from both local Jamaican cultivators and beyond.


The contest voting was held in California in October 2015, and the winners of both the Jamaican category and the International category were announced as the grand finale of the Negril event. Over 30,000 people attended the Jamaica Cannabis Cup over the four days of booth showcasing, educational seminars, and musical guests.


Cannabis panels offered a positive vibration that filled the air with a fresh promise for a brighter cannabis industry and community in Jamaica. As the Cannabis Cup/Rastafari Rootzfest continues to grow, Jamaica continues to fight for sensible cannabis policies and personal freedom.

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