Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Smoke Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Dan Riffle Leaves His Position at the Marijuana Policy Projects

Dan Riffle, the federal policy director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) announced in a November email to colleagues that he would be leaving the organization. According to Riffle, “The industry is taking over the legalization movement and I’m not interested in the industry.”


Over the last few months, several states have implemented cannabis regulations, both medical and recreational, that seem to be majorly influenced by corporate financiers.

For instance, Ohio shot down a proposed initiative that would have made recreational cannabis legal in the state. The initiative had $25 million in funding from a select group of sponsors all anticipating access to pitied licensing in what would have been a state-approved monopoly (technically, an oligopoly).


In regards to his departure, Riffle also said, “I felt for the last few months the industry was kind of dominating the legalization movement’s work in general, and MPP’s specifically… The industry’s goal is to make money, but from a public health perspective, we might have other goals that are at odds with the industry’s goal of making money.”

EdiPure Oregon Recall

EdiPure creates cannabis edibles in multiple different states. Unfortunately, they are currently undergoing their second product recall in less than six weeks. This time around, EdiPure has implemented a recall of over 7,500 individual packages of products.


Product recalls are becoming increasingly common as Colorado and Washington implement robust testing procedures to ensure product safety. The issue for EdiPure involved flowers from an independent cultivator testing positive for unapproved pesticides and other contaminants.


EdiPure has focused a lot of their resources on regaining public trust. They have their own internal testing methods in place to catch issues like this before they happen. Still, the evolving cannabis industry clearly has some hurdles to clear when it comes to the complexity of a safe production process.

MN Approves Pain as a Condition to be Treated by Cannabis

Minnesota is now the twenty-second state to approve cannabis treatment for intractable pain. Medical cannabis has long been embroiled in a contentious battle between advocates claiming health benefits and detractors claiming major bodily damage (most media outlets have little to no prior experience with cannabis, apart from what they read from other ill-informed publications).


Cannabis mostly relies on anecdotal evidence, and pain has always been one of the most debated conditions that could potentially be alleviated by cannabis. California was the first to approve cannabis for legal medical use, and personal pain was the foundation for doctors to provide recommendations even without supported results from clinical studies.

Multiple Major Media Outlets Misinterprets Medical Study

Headlines from media outlets like Forbes and The Independent were quick to cover a cannabis-related medical study. Unfortunately, instead of responsible journalism, they wrote “click-bait” headlines that simply propagated the possible dangers of cannabis.


In a recent study from King’s College London (which Forbes was thorough enough to link to the King’s College of Pennsylvania, one of over thirty international King’s College locations but by no means the campus that conducted the study), researchers examined 99 individuals and their self-reported history of cannabis use, along with other unspecified drug use.

Patients estimated the potency of the cannabis they consumed, presenting a materials variable that was also overlooked by “journalists.”


The study was very careful to convey that the results were only a call for more awareness to prompt further research. If only the media were so careful with their words, reports on cannabis might actually reflect the same responsibilities that science assumes when presenting results.


The actual conclusion of the study was that out of a limited number of participants, there did exist a pattern between degradation of the microstructure of the corpus callosum and frequent, high-potency cannabis consumption. The results appeared in both individuals with and without psychosis, prompting the research team to call for raised awareness and further research.

Upcoming Cannabis Events


Portland Cannabis Classic High Holiday Bash (Portland, OR: Dec 6)

The NW Cannabis Classic presents the High Holiday Bash which is an all-inclusive cannabis event featuring four important segments of the cannabis industry – growers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and consumers.

Attend for a one-of-a-kind experience sure to entertain and educate every cannabis enthusiast. Easily navigate your way throughout each cannabis-themed village to visit your favorite vendor, sample your favorite product, and sit-in on your favorite seminar at the NW Cannabis Classic, Portland.


Terp Wars (Las Vegas, NV: Dec 6)

Terp Wars is a competition centered around celebrating and comparing some of the best strains of medical cannabis available. The event will be attended and sponsored by many of the great organizations that comprise the medical marijuana industry, including: growers, dispensaries, caregivers, and most importantly, patients and supporters of medical cannabis.

The event is a competition among legal patients and caregivers to see who has cultivated the best medical cannabis and will feature several industry leaders as mentors and judges.


The First Annual CannaBall (Portland, OR: Dec 10)

lease join us for The First Annual CannaBall. This is a private party hosted by Hifi Farms, Cascadia Labs and The Weed Blog. We will be celebrating an amazing year in cannabis and looking ahead to an exciting 2016.


Sungrown Cannabis Festival (Portland, OR: Dec 12)

Sungrown Cannabis Festival is a gathering of local growers, producers, artists, chefs and community members to celebrate the first legal sungrown cannabis harvest in the state of Oregon.


Emerald Cup (Sonoma, CA: Dec 12-13)

“It’s a new day, a new era, and it’s time for everyone to come together to build a bridge to the ‘everything is possible’ Cannabis World we’re all going to be living in,” says event founder Tim Blake.


Blazers Cup (San Bernardino, CA: Dec 12-13)

The 2015 Blazers Cup cannabis festival is a 2-day celebration of the best medical marijuana in Southern California. With live musical performances from The Game and Kid Ink, this event will be recognizing California’s premier MMJ growers, breeders, edible chefs and extract artists.

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