“Happy Holidays” from the entire team here at Smoke Reports. This past year has been so incredible for both our team and the cannabis community. At the recent Smoke Reports holiday party, David and the crew reflected on the wonderful moments we have shared since our Launch Party in April.

Love from Our Friends at Yerba Delivery. Check them out on Instagram.

Love from Our Friends at Yerba Delivery. Check them out on Instagram.


In this article, we will be sharing some of the photos that capture all of the smiles we have shared this year.


Smoke Reports Pre-Launch Party


The beginning of 2015 was a very intriguing time. Even without glamorous resources, the crew would make trips out to Dolores park, and engage with people to hear their thoughts on cannabis.


There is a joke in the start-up world that your best chance of success is starting out of a garage. Smoke Reports spent much of the early phase out of a Tenderloin apartment in San Francisco. Here is our founder David mapping out the development schedule for that particular month.


A huge shout-out to PsPrint. They have always helped Smoke Reports when we need our promotional materials looking their best. After dozens of orders, our office is filled with examples of a wonderful print company being able to keep up with the excitement (and budget) of a small cannabis company.


Jacob and David discuss the different channels that can be used to express the Smoke Reports creative appetite.


David, Tim, and Nick all attended the International Cannabis Business Conference to build relationships with other members of the cannabis technology sector. The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly, and Smoke Reports always loves to grow our network alongside the other awesome organizations helping to progress the cannabis community.


Here is David on HuffPost Live discussing the health benefits of eating lunch away from your desk. Respect for one’s personal health and well-being is a cornerstone of the Smoke Reports philosophy.

Our office (even when it was an apartment) has always had a longstanding rule that employees cannot eat at their desks. Eating away from your desk gives you the time to develop meal memory, and be able to avoid snacking throughout the day.

Launch Party at Minna Gallery, SF


March 13th was one of the luckiest Fridays of 2015. That was the day that David and the team unveiled the Smoke Reports platform to the public at our Launch Party. Hundreds of people attended the free Launch Event throughout the day at 111 Minna Gallery, where live music blended perfectly with cannabis conversation.


Cannabis producers, cultivators, and retailers all attended our March Launch Event. It was the first opportunity for many companies to see what we had been working on, and the minute their company’s market data became available, they seized the opportunity. Smoke Reports loves supporting our customers who are all excellent early adopters.


Here we have Nick, Lu, and Sara greeting guests at the door and helping people get signed up for our raffle to win a free Volcano vaporizer.


Six excellent bands came to play at Minna Gallery during our Launch Party, and the only break in the jamming was the laughter from the different bands meeting one another.

SF Office at Rocket Space


For start-ups, it is important to measure growth by mapping company milestones. We consider moving out of an apartment and into a twelfth floor office in the SF Financial District to be one of these major milestones.


Even with our own office, getting focused can be tough with so much going on. In this photo, you can see data, design, and development all in the zone (while content and sales revise some scripts).

420 in Golden Gate Park


Since arriving in San Francisco, one of the favorite Smoke Reports traditions is participating in the 420 celebration in Golden Gate Park. Thousands of cannabis revelers gather every year in the field to consume cannabis as a community.

Gay Pride in SF


2015 marked the 45th anniversary of the SF Pride Celebration and Parade. Cannabis use became a staple of the healing community when AIDS ravaged the city throughout the 1980s.


This year’s Pride Festival was also the first to be celebrated after the recent Federal decision to legalize marriage equality.

420 Games: 4.20 Mile Fun Run


The 420 Games are a series of athletic events that promote the responsible use of cannabis. Jim McAlpine, founder of the 420 Games, wants to foster a cannabis environment where people are encouraged to be active in order to break the lazy stoner stereotype.


The fun run in Golden Gate Park is 4.20 miles that can be covered any way you see fit. People were jogging, sprinting, walking, and even skipping.


Smoke Reports loves to hang out with other industry members at these events to show the community how businesses can thrive without the aggressive competition that plagues other industries.

HempCon in SF


HempCon at the San Francisco Cow Palace this year was a blast. Here are Jay and Bruno hanging out with the folks from Hashman Infused / Waxman Concentrates.


Thousands of patients attend HempCon to meet their favorite companies and industry pioneers. Most companies elect to give away freebies at their booths so that people can directly connect with their products and branding.

Berkeley Office at Next Space


After six months in the FiDi, the Smoke Reports team packed up and shipped off across the Bay to beautiful Berkeley. Here is the Shelly, Jonathan, and Bruno in the NextSpace co-working lounge.

LA Expo


The Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Los Angeles was another great event for our team. We sent Nick down to hang out with friends of the company, including the Cashinbis team above, and Melissa Etheridge below.


Here is Melissa Etheridge with Nick. Melissa was the keynote speaker at the event, and even mention Smoke Reports as a technology for the greater good of cannabis. Technically, she was the first to publicly announce our name change to “Cannabis Reports.”


Just a few more of the wonderful cannabis folks who made it to the CWCB this year in Los Angeles.

Freedom Festival


The Freedom Festival in Golden Gate Park is a event for social change where artists of all types gather to share their wares and swap creative stories. Smoke Reports hung out with a bunch of people throughout the day, and stood out as a technology company concerned with creativity.

David, Jacob, and Jay all take a break from operating the booth and sit down to do some yoga.

Berkeley Office at WeWork


The team continued to grow, so we had to move to a bigger office. The Smoke Reports team now lives on the fourth floor of the Berkeley WeWork offices, and loves to entertain folks who stop by and visit.

Oregon/Washington Road Trip


It is no secret that the Smoke Reports database is soon going to be expanding to other states. Because each state has slightly different laws, it is important for our team to understand the intricacies that go into the cannabis industry in each state.

Here is David traveling up the West Coast, talking with producers, cultivators, and retailers about the future of cannabis technology, and how it can be designed to best serve their needs.

New West Summit


Smoke Reports has intentionally avoided the traditional avenues of outreach. Advertising in the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, and therefore the best expansion happens through personal connections. Smoke Reports was a silver level sponsor at this year’s New West Summit (and our shirts were overwhelmingly popular).


The New West Summit was the cannabis industry’s first conference devoted entirely to business, technology, and media. Smoke Reports stood out as a major provider of both data and software technologies. We created hundreds of new business relationships and gave out more API keys than we can count.

Filming Faces of Cannabis


Our multimedia campaign, Faces of Cannabis, is designed to capture the human side of the cannabis community and industry. Here is Jay interviewing Lynette Shaw, a cannabis collective owner who has been fighting to give patients safe access to cannabis for over two decades.


Smoke Reports Ambassador Heads to Jamaica Cannabis Cup


The Smoke Reports phone line gets some pretty intriguing calls. For instance, just a few weeks back, a doctor from Florida called and after a brief chat of whirlwind fun, we were taping up a care package so that this fantastic doctor could introduce Smoke Reports to the Jamaican Cannabis Cup.

Emerald Cup


Over 20,000 patients attended the 2015 Emerald Cup at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Hundreds of businesses were displaying their products and services in long rows of booths. The lanes were packed, but the cannabis was flowing, and everyone had a fantastic time. Above, Jay and Bruno meet up with Liesl and Jazmin of Women Grow.


Smoke Reports Holiday Party


The Smoke Reports team enjoyed a wonderful holiday party. Our newest team member Zeah traveled to the Bay Area from Oregon, where she has been accumulating troves of market data for businesses in the OR region.

As we all opened our cannabis stockings, everyone had to smile upon seeing that all of our customers had sent holiday treats as an appreciation for our company. Thank you all so much, not only as customers or site users, but as the friends that we have had so many good times with over the past year.


From the team here at Smoke Reports, “Happy Holidays!