Introducing Cannabis Reports, formerly known as Smoke Reports.

Our name change comes just in time for 2016, which is shaping up to be an important year for the cannabis community. Cannabis Reports is evolving alongside the industry by offering a comprehensive platform for consumers, businesses, educators, developers, and policymakers to interact with substantial amounts of cannabis information.


From 2008 through the end of 2015, Smoke Reports provided cannabis patients with free cannabis recommendation engines and ad-free exploration of over 22,000 strains, edibles, extracts, products and businesses. We created partnerships with many wonderful companies who use our business solutions and market data to organize and grow their brand.

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As Cannabis Reports, we remain devoted to our mission of providing people with real technology for cannabis exploration and education. We are also constantly building new business features with direct input from our customers and partners.


We still have the same talented team. In fact, the Cannabis Reports family continues to grow with new representatives all over the West Coast. As we expand across the country, we expect our team to blossom as well.

Cannabis Reports loves to research and report on the cannabis industry and community through our news channel. We also encourage everyone to engage with our active social media accounts to stay up to date on Cannabis Reports.

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Our development team is preparing to add new endpoints to our already massive API. The Cannabis Reports API is open for anyone to build apps, websites, and other business tools on a foundation of robust cannabis data. There are currently 52 endpoints returning detailed data on over 22,000 strains, products, and businesses.

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The Cannabis Reports API Documentation

Our helpful FAQ section grows with each inbound inquiry from patients and businesses. In an effort to make medical research more visible to the world, Cannabis Reports is currently working on normalizing the data from The Cannabis Health Index by Uwe Blesching.


This upcoming year marks an important milestone for cannabis. Many political, medical, and social issues are being discussed and it is important that the cannabis community has a trustworthy resource that does not sacrifice the integrity of information for profits.


Cannabis deserves a better conversation. Cannabis Reports offers a platform for personalized, unbiased, ad-free exploration with tools for anyone to be able to improve their individual relationship with cannabis.


Welcome to Cannabis Reports. Where community and industry connect.

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