Join the medical cannabis community for the Cannabis Health Summit, provided to the world for free by Green Flower. Register now for this online event, 9am-5pm on January 23rd-24th. Cannabis Reports will be providing live coverage and updates through our blog and social media channels.

Today is the first day of the Cannabis Health Summit. This event is being put on by Green Flower, a media company devoted to broadcasting cannabis knowledge worldwide. The Cannabis Health Summit will be a weekend-long virtual event where twenty medical experts will be speaking on many diverse cannabis topics.

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Dr. Sunil Aggarwal: How the Endocannabinoid System Really Works.

The first speaker, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, is a physician, scientist, and professor at the University of Washington, as well as an advocate for the healing properties of interdisciplinary cannabis therapy. Dr. Aggarwal spoke on the the personal relationships that are naturally developed around cannabis healing, including his own experiences with the plant. You can learn more about Dr. Aggarwal’s work with cannabis and patients at


Donald Land: Why Cannabis Strains Affect People Differently.

Donald Land is the chief scientist at Steep Hill Labs, and a professor at the University of California at Davis. Land has been studying cannabinoid chemistry for years, and is a central authority on the physiological effects of cannabis in our systems. During his presentation, Land went over many of the different cannabinoids and also explored the effects that terpenoids have on our systems.


Cannabis science is very sparse and still misunderstood, but fortunately there are researchers actively working to demystify cannabis. Steep Hill Labs is an industry-leader when it comes to cannabis testing, and they will continue to research and develop the best processes for testing cannabis.

Dr. Dustin Sulak: Create a More Effective Cannabis Dosing Strategy.

Dr. Dustin Sulak reinforced the importance of making cannabis approachable for everybody. Dr. Sulak provided strong anecdotal evidence for cannabis healing as he discussed the improvements of his patients trying cannabis therapy. Dr. Sulak is a physician based in Maine, and has helped nearly 20,000 patients improve their health. You can find out more at


Seibo Shen: VapeXhale Demo

Seibo Shen, founder of VapeXhale, is a good friend of the Cannabis Reports community. Shen created VapeXhale to satisfy a personal need for a more diverse vaporizer. We have covered the flagship product, the EVO, in our blog on cannabis accessories.

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Steve DeAngelo: The Unspoken Wellness Benefits of Cannabis.

Steve DeAngelo is a staple in the cannabis industry. He has founded several cannabis organizations, including Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California. Harboside is considered the prime example of a responsible and sensible retailer. DeAngelo has been a speaker and advocate for decades, and his dispensary is the second largest tax-paying entity in Oakland.

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DeAngelo’s story is best laid out in his book, The Cannabis Manifesto. At the Cannabis Health Summit, he touched on his narrative during the presentation, but focused more on the general approach we should be taking to cannabis healing and acceptance. DeAngelo called for the cannabis community to work extra hard in 2016 to push cannabis reform forward.

The Scientific Panel with the Morning’s Speakers

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After lunch, the first four speakers got together to talk about the endocannabinoid system, the healing powers of terpenoids, cannabis research, and the obstacles standing in the way of cannabis legislation. The underlying theme of the panel was that while more scientific research is necessary, there is still a need to get the basic information out. The misinformation circulating through the media rarely brings up positive healing, but these doctors and scientists are working hard to make sure that cannabis science be distributed to more people.

Bryan Krumm: Cannabis, the Perfect Treatment for PTSD.


Bryan Krumm is an Albuquerque clinical nurse practitioner who specializes in therapy for patients suffering from PTSD. His presentation covered the science of the endocannabinoid system and how whole plant cannabis extracts may be the most effective medicine for PTSD and conditions with similar symptoms. Krumm stressed that cannabis healing is only effective if you are measuring your medical responses and know what you are consuming. You can learn more about PTSD healing at

Dale Sky Jones: How to Talk about Cannabis to Unfamiliar or Skeptical People.

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Dale Sky Jones is the executive chancellor for Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. She is a passionate advocate for legitimate cannabis and has long been championing a positive cannabis future. Her speech focused on the next steps that the community must embrace if we want to achieve that positive future. You can find out more about Dale Sky Jones on the Oaksterdam University faculty page.

Uwe Blesching: Why Do Some Patients Heal, While Others Don’t?


Uwe Blesching, author of the Cannabis Health Index, presented the evidence for mind-body medicine to be more firmly applied to the healing process. Blesching has compiled the scientific studies that show proof of the medical efficacy of cannabis. During his presentation, he suggested the relationship between our mental and physical states can determine our healing. This approach to cannabis therapy is often breezed over in conversation, and yet, the science continues to build up in support of mind-body medicine.

Jordan Tishler: Can Cannabis Solve Our Intimacy Problems


Dr. Jordan Tishler is a physician out of Boston Massachusetts. Tishler’s medical consulting group, Inhale MD, has helped thousands of patients gain access to medical cannabis. In his presentation during the first day of the Cannabis Health Summit, Dr. Tishler examined the medical potential for cannabis to treat issues with sex and intimacy.

Mary Lynn Mathre: The Incredible Safety of Cannabis. Why this Plant Will Not Harm You or Society


Mary Lynn Mathre is a nurse and author with a lot of experience in cannabis. As the President and Co-founder of Patients Out of Time, Mathre works directly with cannabis patients and sees first hand the medical efficacy and potential for healing. You can find out more about Mary Lynn Mathre at www.

Constance Finley: The Entourage Effect: Why THC and CBD Work Better Together


Constance Finley is the founder of Constance Pure Botanicals, a cannabis company making oils that emphasize the synergistic properties that cannabinoids have within our bodies. In her presentation, Finley discussed in great depth the relationships between different cannabinoids and the effects they have when applied together. Finley also discussed several scientific studies that point to the efficacy of whole plant extracts as opposed to a single compound like THC or CBD.

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