In 1996, California voters passed an initiative granting patients legal access to medical cannabis. Nearly two decades later, California’s cannabis industry is flourishing, with thousands of new manufacturers creating innovative and unique products. However, safe access for patients remains an issue for those who do not live in populated areas with many cannabis retail options.

Andrea Brooks, founder of cannabis delivery company Sava, is resolving this issue by offering overnight shipping of boutique cannabis products to any cannabis patient located in California.

Andrea Brooks, Founder of Sava

Andrea Brooks, Founder of Sava

Shipping cannabis medicine is not necessarily a new concept, yet what separates Sava from other delivery options is the level of commitment that Brooks and her team put into vetting the products that they deliver. Cannabis Reports appreciates companies like Sava that apply forward-thinking principals to challenges like safe access for cannabis patients.

California Statewide Access

Cannabis deliveries in California have been the subject of a contentious debate between the industry and lawmakers. However, countless patient testimonials provide ample evidence that safe access to cannabis medicine requires delivery in some cases.

Especially when it comes to immobile patients living in rural communities, there needs to be a reliable and responsible system in place that can get medicine to these patients in a timely manner.

“We were recently contacted by a new patient who lives in Southern California and does get medicine from the brick-and-mortar dispensaries in her area. At the time she contacted us, she was scheduled for an upcoming surgery and knew she would be unable to leave her house during the recovery period.

She searched the deliveries in her area and they did not have the specific medicine that she was accustomed to. She had found us because we do carry her preferred products, and were able to ship it to her while she recovered at home. We were thrilled to provide  this patient with what she wanted and needed.



To me, this underscores the need for deliveries, as well as different models of delivery and distribution. Patients should be able to choose with consistency the medicine they want to aid them, and from the specific provider of their choosing.”

-Andrea Brooks, Founder of Sava

As the cannabis industry evolves, patients are becoming familiar with certain brands, and building a relationship of consumer trust around that relationship. People increasingly know what brands they want, and exhaust all options in attempting to contact them or find which shelves they are on.

Platforms like Sava give people the opportunity to reach medicine that may not be immediately available in their region.


Offering Artisan Products and Detailed Information

The Sava platform (at stands to redefine consumer access in more ways than one. The future of a legitimate cannabis industry will rely on consumers being able to order the highest quality products with the click of a button.



Yet another aspect that will prove important is the ways in which retailers ultimately provide detailed information about manufacturers, their production methods, and the medicine that they offer to patients.

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Understanding the relationships that consumers build with brands is a complex task, and the issue is even more complex when you consider that any given cannabis product is capable of affecting individuals in substantially different ways.

Sava does a fantastic job of covering a wide range of cannabis products so that there are options for everyone.

Vetting Cannabis Producers: Creating the Etsy Experience for Cannabis

Sava has several times been referred to as the Etsy for cannabis, and there are certainly a lot of similarities. The Sava platform promotes small businesses that develop artisan cannabis products. Brooks and the Sava team put a lot of effort into thoroughly researching the brands that they serve.

“In addition to researching where each producer sources their medicine, we review lab test results for every batch of medicine they create. We also rely on market research. We have different focus groups that we work with which greatly inform our team on which producers to work with.

These focus groups are predominantly female, and are comprised of long-term patients as well as those newer to cannabis who might not be aware of the vast array of products available. We have seen the way packaging influences purchasing habits among patients and we pay close attention to that as well.”

-Andrea Brooks, Founder of Sava

A very clear requirement for cannabis companies hoping to work with Sava is respect for cannabis as a medicine. All of the items currently available through Sava are both efficacious and branded to reassure patients of the medical quality available in cannabis products.

A Few of the Sava Brands

Sava carries an assortment of flowers, edibles, extracts, and other products from nearly twenty different artisan cannabis producers. Extract vaporizer cartridges and pens from Alchemy by Dark Heart can be sent in the same shipment as the delicious Apple Crisps from Outset Edibles.

Just a Taste of Some of the Products Available through Sava

Just a Taste of Some of the Products Available through Sava

Patients can medicate with high-quality teas from Skyline Boulevard Company while they sit in a tub filled with the Mineral Soak from Om Medicinals. Sava even carries the Pet Tinctures made by TreatWell that have been so helpful for our furry friends struggling with their own ailments. Sava carries something special for everyone, and plans on adding more producers to the platform later this spring.

Future of Cannabis Accessibility for Patients and Eventual Adult Use

The cannabis industry will continue moving forward and it is so important that the cannabis community does not allow policymakers to dismiss the fundamental importance of safe and reliable access to cannabis medicine. Andrea Brooks and the Sava team have already accomplished a major task in assembling such a fantastic group of producers and making their products available on a statewide level.


Sava Delivers Cannabis Medicine All Around California

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