You can now explore clinical cannabis studies on Cannabis Reports.

Cannabis Reports is thrilled to announce our new partnership with author Uwe Blesching, PhD. Through years of research, Blesching compiled clinical studies on the major conditions, diseases, and ailments that afflict humans. The resulting 600-page text is The Cannabis Health Index, which is available now on Amazon.

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Blesching has permitted Cannabis Reports to prepare much of the clinical data in a normalized fashion, making all of this scientific evidence electronically available for free through the Cannabis Reports platform. Blesching’s expertise in medical meta-data evaluation has given the public a rating system for the probable efficacy of cannabis for any condition in particular.

What is the Cannabis Health Index?

The Cannabis Health Index is an incredibly powerful resource for the cannabis community. Especially with cannabis still designated as a Schedule I drug with “no medical potentials,” having easy access to past clinical research gives cannabis advocates solid evidence that cannabis is beneficial.

Uwe Blesching arranged The Cannabis Health Index into five different chapters:

  1. The Evidence-Based Science of Medical Cannabis (Introduction to cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system)
  2. The Art and Science of Mind-Body Medicine
  3. How to Use The Cannabis Health Index
  4. Diseases and Symptoms A-Z
  5. Integrating Mind-Body Medicine for Deeper Healing

Each section of the book offers valuable information on the use of research to improve the medical applications of cannabis. Blesching and Cannabis Reports decided that if the  data from the chapter “Diseases and Symptoms A-Z” was accessible online, people would be better able to educate themselves and others around them.

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Uwe Blesching has travelled around the world studying the humanities, especially when it comes to alternative healing methods and techniques that have been overshadowed by Western medicine. Blesching received his PhD from the Western Institute for Social Research, specializing in research data analysis.

Blesching became heavily interested in cannabinoid science as more research became available after the discovery of the endocannabinoid system. Over the years, people would request that he look into any clinical studies for the effectiveness of cannabis treating a particular condition or symptom.

As more people asked him to look into the various ailments that plague patients, Blesching began seeing more connections between cannabis and healing on a broader level.

The second edition of The Cannabis Health Index was published in late 2015, and Blesching plans on continuing examining evidence from studies as they are published in journals from around the world.

How the Rating System Works

Each medical condition listed in The Cannabis Health Index has earned a rating based on how medically effective cannabis has been shown to be for that particular disease or symptom.

CHI values: rating system

The ratings are assigned on a scale of zero to five. Zero indicates that there has been no therapeutic value observed as of yet, while a five would denote the significant and demonstrable therapeutic value of cannabis based on scientific research.

Here are some examples of conditions for which medical application of cannabis appears highly effective:

Each condition has its own page with links to all of the studies looking at medical cannabis for that particular ailment. Cannabis Reports also provides the key findings, the specific drug compounds used in the study, and the DOI link for further research capabilities.

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Future of Cannabis Studies Listed on the Database

Cannabis Reports is honored to now host the clinical studies that have been compiled by Uwe Blesching. The opportunity for “cross-platform pollination” between Cannabis Reports and The Cannabis Health Index was made possible by the shared belief that cannabis information is most valuable when it is easily accessible from several sources.

The more available that medical cannabis data is made, the better the chance that it is seen by someone who really needs to see it.

Cannabis Reports Working Alongside Uwe Blesching

Cannabis Reports Working Alongside Uwe Blesching

Soon, all of the data from the Cannabis Studies section on Cannabis Reports will be available through our open API, meaning policymakers, educators, businesses, and developers will be able to share this information through their websites and applications as well.

Blesching Speaking at the Cannabis Health Summit

Blesching Speaking at the Cannabis Health Summit

Everyone can benefit from a greater understanding of cannabis as a medicine, and while we desperately need more research, Uwe Blesching and Cannabis Reports offer a great starting point for people to begin exploring cannabis science.


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