On March 13th, 2015, Cannabis Reports (formerly known as Smoke Reports) released itself to the world by hosting a free and public Launch Event. Since that night, the past twelve months have been an incredible journey.

Interviewing Chris Van Hook from Clean Green Certified

Interviewing Chris Van Hook from Clean Green Certified

Today, we want to take a moment to look back on what a wonderful year it has been for the Cannabis Reports team and our awesome community.

Launching a Cannabis Brand with a Community Party

It feels so good to look back on all of the progress we have made as a team and a company since our Launch Party last March. Our goal for the Launch Party was to gain exposure for our organization, while creating a public space for cannabis education.

Launch Party at Minna Gallery in SF

The Launch Event was majorly successful in terms of both user sign-ups and new business relationships. Our team strongly encourages new businesses to consider introducing themselves to the community through similar public interaction.


Welcoming New Folks to the Cannabis Reports Team

As our platform expands to different regions, so must our team. Besides our headquarters in Berkeley, Cannabis Reports employs team members in Southern California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona.

Team Lunch

Team Lunch

Everyone makes a special effort to stay engaged so that even out-of-state Cannabis Reporters feel like they are right there in the office.

The Cannabis Reports Team (missing: Kevin)

The Cannabis Reports Team (missing: Kevin)

Check out our About Us page to meet the different people that make up the Cannabis Reports crew.

Building Cannabis Technology with Fantastic Friends and Customers

This year would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of our customers. The Cannabis Reports tools are built specifically for this industry, and our technology continues to evolve in a large part due to the input, suggestions, and needs of cannabis businesses.


Exchanging Ideas in the Office, Feedback is Always Important

We are honored to have so many diverse relationships with the folks working to provide quality cannabis to the community.


Watching the Website Grow

Over the last twelve months, we have seen every part of our database expand. Since the launch, our data team has input over 5,000 strains and connected information on over 15,000 cannabis-infused products and their manufacturers.

We also saw thousands of user sign-ups and an ever-increasing number of customers using our data to achieve their goals within the cannabis industry.


Every month, more and more people are finding our website through simple Google searches. There is a major lack of consistency when it comes to cannabis information, and search engines are recognizing the value of a normalized database like Cannabis Reports offers.


Over 80% of our unique daily visits originate from search engines, giving the five to seven thousand visitors each day a real platform for discovery.  When folks visit Cannabis Reports, they explore for an average of two minutes at a time, resulting in over 6 million hits every month.

Moving the Team to Berkeley

Cannabis Reports began in an apartment. Then we moved to a slightly bigger apartment. After we launched, we moved into a shared space in the Financial District of San Francisco. The energy of the hustle and bustle was great, but ultimately the Cannabis Reports team found home across the Bay in Berkeley.


Our office at the WeWork building is an amazing place to grow a cannabis company. It is refreshing to see so many people interested in cannabis information and willing to interact with our team. Cannabis Reports hosts daily visitors with questions about our website, our open API, and our overall mission to give cannabis the means for a better conversation.


Name Change: Introducing Cannabis Reports (Formerly Smoke Reports)

Smoke Reports was a great name for the strain database that our platform once was, but the evolution of our software needed a more inclusive name to reflect the true nature of our database. The switch to Cannabis Reports came in early, and has resulted in even more online traffic and recognition from our thousands of social media followers.

Chasing the Name Just in Time for the Holidays

Event Sponsorships and Keynote Speeches

One of the most rewarding things about working hard in the cannabis industry is bonding with all of the other folks fighting to make the cannabis space safer and more transparent for the next generation.


Founder David Drake Before the New West Summit Technology Panel

At both the New West Summit last November, and the Direct Cannabis Network Seed Series event earlier this month, our founder and CEO David Drake provided his insight into how we can influence the cannabis industry in a positive way.


David Drake: Keynote at the DCN Seed Series Event

You can check out these videos and see why so many different people are aligning themselves with the Cannabis Reports platform. Our data can be invaluable for any business, but the fact that it is also available for developers, educators, and policymakers really provides the connectivity that cannabis so readily deserves.

Here’s to Another Great Year with Cannabis Reports

There are some exciting moments in store for Cannabis Reports over the next twelve months. We will be expanding the features included for businesses and making even more free tools available to patients and educators.


The open cannabis API that Cannabis Reports offers has more data than any other source currently online, so if you want an API key, just shoot us a message and we will happily generate one!


Get ready to see a lot more our data being used by the hundreds of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and beyond that are already listed within our database. For the most up to date info on Cannabis Reports, follow us on Twitter, and like us on our Facebook page.


If you would like to learn more about cannabis, please join the discussion in the comment section below, or through our social media links.