Happy 420 from the Cannabis Reports team! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating cannabis.


April 20th is one of the largest unofficial holidays across the world. While the exact origins of the celebration are subject for debate, 420 has evolved to appreciate cannabis as a community.


The Team for 420 at Golden Gate Park in 2015

For the last few years, the Cannabis Reports team has spent 420 in Golden Gate park at the infamous Hippie Hill party. After spending last weekend at both HempCon is San Francisco and Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, we decided to switch things up and take a day to relax and reflect on the past year.

Cannabis Reports Checks Out the Oakland Museum’s Altered State Exhibit

The Oakland Museum of California recently opened the first cannabis exhibit to display the history and politics in an unbiased and educational fashion.


The exhibit, called Altered State: Marijuana in California, gives the public the opportunity to immerse themselves within the evolving cannabis industry and contribute to the conversation.


The exhibit is divided into several different sections discussing the political, social, economic, medical, and historical aspects of cannabis in human culture.

One of the Sections of the Exhibit Even Focused on Cannabis and Creativity

One of the Sections of the Exhibit Even Focused on Cannabis and Creativity

Our founder and CEO was featured in the industry portion of Altered State, along with many other passionate industry leaders working to make cannabis more widely accessible.


In honor of the cannabis holiday, the Oakland Museum charged the perfect discounted price for 420.


The Cannabis Reports team definitely encourages anyone interested in cannabis to attend the Oakland Museum’s exhibit. The fact that cannabis is being presented in a space of this magnitude truly demonstrates just how far our community has come.


An Afternoon Boating Around San Pablo Dam Reservoir


At Cannabis Reports, you don’t ask your boss to take 420 off, you just hold your tongue and help carry the cooler to the boat. All jokes aside, there is something special about working with a group of people that remain committed friends no matter where you put us.


Not all of our team is located in the Bay Area, but that does not mean they weren’t part of the fun.

Social Media and PR Director Lu, Beaming In from Tucson

Social Media and PR Director Lu, Beaming In from Arizona

Thanks so much for being a part of the Cannabis Reports 420 celebration. We truly appreciate all of your love, attention, and participation in our community. If you have your own fantastic photos from yesterday’s holiday, please share them with us through our social media channels.


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