Data is incredibly powerful. It can help researchers unravel scientific mysteries, it can drive major business decisions, and it can be art.

“Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” Sure, that definition does not scream the words “beautiful” or “stimulating” to the majority of people, but you might change your mind when you see what happens when you can mix cannabis genetics with a data visualization tool (D3.js).

Check out the video and take a moment to appreciate the exploratorium that is the Cannabis Reports database. What you are about to see is the visual navigation of over 80,000 genetic cross-references between the strains in our database. In this short clip, we navigate through the hundreds of modern strains that have been created using the breeder DJ Short’s popular strain Blueberry.

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As you can see, DJ Short’s Blueberry is extensively embedded in the genetics of an incredible number of other strains. This type of data visualization reveals that entire seed companies have been built on particular strains. At the time this was written, Cannabis Reports just added the 8,618th strain to the database. All of those strains are linked back through the genetic family tree, all the way back to the original landraces.


The Tree Layout Displays Node-Link Diagrams using the Reinhold-Tilford “Tidy” Algorithm. Tree Models are Often Used to Show Parent and Children Relationships.

So what you are seeing is actually a family tree linking over five different eras of modern cannabis genetics! By the way, all of this data (actually much more cannabis data) is freely available for developers and researchers through our open cannabis API.

The Parents of DJ Short's Blueberry Strain

The Parents of DJ Short’s Blueberry Strain

The majority of the models displayed in this post are known as “adjacency diagrams.” This data model (GitHub: Partition Layout) produces adjacent nodes and identifies the proximity requirements between major groups. Essentially, these models display the size of each node by determining the dimensional requirements necessary to fill space within the model.

Below, we have shown the genetic origins of the strain Jack Herer (created by Sensi Seeds), as well as a geographical map indicating these origins.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 16.30.49-2 Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 4.36.28 PM

Cannabis Data Can Help the Industry Grow

Falling in love with data is not everyone’s destiny, but if it were to happen, it generally requires your exposure to a dataset that reveals meaningful trends in your personal life. In 2008, David Drake began building a database specifically for people who love cannabis and love to discuss cannabis genetics.

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Eight years later, Cannabis Reports now hosts specific information on over 30,000 combined strains, edibles, extracts, other infused products, and all of the businesses that create them.

Personal Genetic Profile Visualized Using D3.js

Personal Genetic Profile Visualized Using D3.js

The data is all normalized, exposing all of the interwoven connections between genetic breeding, the cultivators and infused product makers, and at the very end, patient consumption.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.42.43 PM

Cannabis Reports can show you awesome data visualization because our database is built on cannabis landrace genetics rather than retail language like “indica, sativa, and hybrid.”

Visualization of the Children from Girl Scout Cookies

Above: Visualization of the Children from Girl Scout Cookies. Below: Visualization of the parents of Girl Scout Cookies.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 16.28.50


The Genetic Origins of Blue Dream, Still One of the Most Popular and Widely Available Strains Today

The Genetic Origins of Blue Dream, Still One of the Most Popular and Widely Available Strains Today


Gelato #45: A Strain with a More Complex Parental Lineage


Feel free to reach out to the Cannabis Reports team with any questions you may have about our database, the thousands of genetic-cross references we have documented, or just cannabis technology in general. We would love to hear from you!

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