Walgreens has published a brief guide encouraging patients to consider medical cannabis. This is one of the first instances in which a major national brand has openly discussed cannabis in a medically beneficial light.


The guide, “What is Medical Marijuana? Clarifying Clinical Cannabis” was written by Dahlia Sultan, PharmD (Community Pharmacy Residents-Walgreens, University of Illinois at Chicago). Published on the Walgreens Stay Well blog, cannabis has found a welcome friend in the 35th largest U.S.-based company (Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc: Fortune, 2015).


Sultan’s article does a good job of taking a well-rounded approach to the sensitive subject of cannabis. By providing quality scientific references reinforcing both the positive medical benefits and the federal health warnings, Walgreens has created a wonderful opportunity for a larger group of the public to approach cannabis in a comfortable way.

The general topics of discussion are cannabinoids interacting with endocannabinoid system, the modern medical cannabis debate, and the mounting clinical evidence supporting effective therapeutical benefits.


The article ends by encouraging readers to pursue a medical cannabis recommendation, and to at least discuss the subject with a licensed healthcare provider.

Dr. Hergenrather (2015 ASA Medical Practitioner of the Year) Speaking at Sharefax in California

Dr. Hergenrather (2015 ASA Medical Practitioner of the Year) Speaking at ShareFax in California

Much of the information presented by Walgreens is available on Cannabis Reports. Patients and researchers can review over 400 different studies, all organized by medical condition and disease by Uwe Blesching, PhD.


Cannabis Reports also offers patients tools to personalize their cannabis experience and discover the products that fit their needs. The Cannabis Reports database currently lists over 17,500 individual edibles, extracts, and other infused products.


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