On Apil 30th, 2016, GreenRush hosted a job fair at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The job fair, aptly titled as “Join the Green Rush,” provided an open opportunity for jobseekers to introduce themselves to over thirty different cannabis businesses.

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Cannabis Reports was thrilled to participate in the event, and we want to extend a huge thank you to Jude Ignatius, Eddie Miller, and the entire GreenRush team for hosting such an effective and fun convention.


By the time the event opened its doors just after 10am, the line was already wrapping around the block. Through the day on Saturday, over 2,500 people attended the job fair. The day was a major success, with several individuals receiving employment opportunities on the spot. (One North Bay retailer, Earthly Wellness, allegedly hired at least three people on the spot!)

The Calm Before the Rush

The Calm Before the Rush

Join the Green Rush was an effective job fair for several reasons, mainly because the companies with booths were actually filling positions. One attendee, who wished to remain anonymous, was thrilled to see that companies were accepting resumes and actually having conversations with jobseekers.

“Normally with these [job fairs], companies just want to advertise to people and they don’t even have any [jobs] open. I came today with a bunch of resumes, got in with my free ticket, and actually feel like the [companies] were taking me seriously.”

-Job Fair Attendee

Future job fairs take note: people are sick of being tricked into paying good money for the hope of finding a job. Ticket pricing was another important success over the weekend. Entrance was $4.20 and there were several widely-circulated discount codes for free entry. This low financial barrier attracted thousands of people to the fair.


Another reason the event was universally enjoyable was that all of the businesses in attendance were friendly, enjoyable, and responsible actors in the cannabis industry. The overall tone of the event was a positive future where cool companies could employ ambitious and qualified individuals.

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David Drake, our founder and CEO here at Cannabis Reports, was interviewed at the event by SFGate for an article on the job fair.

Cannabis Reports wants to share our gratitude for GreenRush, all of the cannabis organizations who set up booths, and of course all of the attendees interested in participating in the emerging cannabis industry.


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Besides being a fantastic opportunity to interact with prospective employees, the GreenRush Job Fair was also a great place for us to debut our data visualization tool for cannabis genetics, which ended up being incredibly popular among the community.


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