Happy Star Wars Day from the Cannabis Reports team. “May the fourth be with you!”

Cannabis is often associated with creativity and inspiration. So it should come as no surprise that cannabis was prevalent during the creation of the original Star Wars trilogy. In the late 1970s and early 80s, cannabis use was commonplace in the California movie industry, and George Lucas flourished in such an open environment.


Cannabis Influences on Star Wars

Full disclosure: George Lucas has never directly claimed that Star Wars has anything to do with cannabis or cannabis use, but a close examination yields some telling evidence. Also, Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, and promptly dismisses any connections between cannabis and their recent $4 billion purchase. Please take the following with a grain of salt.


One noted tale is centered around the origin of the word “Wookiee.” During the filming of Lucas’ first film THX 1138, voice actor Terry McGovern was with Lucas and a friend named Bill Wookey, when he ad-libbed a line after smoking cannabis: “I think I just ran over a Wookey back there.”

Lucas found this hilarious (which, honestly, points to the possibility that he was in the smoking rotation as well), and the lovable character Chewbacca found his origins.

Remember the Mos Eisley Cantina scene? How about Jabba’s palace? And don’t forget about Yoda, just hanging out on Dagobah, talking all funny. Smoking contraptions and references appear throughout the original Star Wars episodes, and smokey rooms with lounging “scum and villainy” were definitely buzzing around George Lucas’ creative mind.


Besides the fact that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and a bunch of other cast members have alluded to cannabis use during the period in which Star Wars was filmed, it would be silly not to consider the overall attitude cannabis had on experimentation, relaxation, and creativity on the set of Star Wars.

(In her recent biography, Carrie Fisher admitted to heavy drug use during filming, but claimed she was never really interested in the joints being passed around on set).

Carrie Fisher Claims She Didn't Like Cannabis, But Makes No Comment on Its Popularity with the Other Actors

Carrie Fisher Claims She Never Liked Cannabis, But Makes No Comment on Its Popularity with the Other Actors

The Influence Star Wars Provides to the Cannabis Community

Star Wars was released to a culture that was prepared to dive into George Lucas’ space travels, partly because people at the time were far more comfortable experimenting with new ideas and experiences.

The Lines for the Star Wars Premier were Famously Long (and Cannabis Use was Rampant Among the Waiting Moviegoers)

The Lines for the Star Wars Premier were Famously Long (and Cannabis Use was Rampant Among the Waiting Moviegoers)

Decades have passed since the original Star Wars hit the big screen, and yet the films still invite new generations to explore a different-but-similar universe. It only makes sense that the popularity of Star Wars would imprint itself on the evolving cannabis culture.

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Cannabis Reports has well over 30 strains in the database that are directly influenced by Star Wars characters. There are even some companies who have paid the ultimate homage by modeling their brands around Star Wars themes (Vader Extracts, Jedi Labs, and Wook Flame).


Skywalker, Skywalker OG (pictured), and Purple Skywalker OG.


Death Star (pictured), Star Wreck, Storm Trooper and Deathstar OG.


Yoda OG, Master Yoda (pictured), Purple Yoda, and Yoda’s Brains.


Jedi, Jedi Kush (pictured), Red Eye Jedi, and Jedi Death Star.


Sour Kenobi and Master OG Wan Kenobi (pictured).


Dark Vader, Vader Kush, Vader OG, and Dank Vader (pictured).


Han Solo OGSolo’s Stash, and Jabba’s Stash.

R2-D2, C3PO, Ewok (pictured), and Jawa.


Wookie, Wookie Glue, Wookie Cookies, Wookie #7, and of course, Chewbacca (pictured).

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