David Drake, founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports, will be giving a presentation on technology for businesses at the upcoming Green Flower Entrepreneur Summit.

The Summit will take place on the weekend of May 21st through 22nd, and will be broadcast online for free by Green Flower. You can attend the summit by registering here.

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Cannabis Reports will be covering both days of the event on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as publishing articles at the end of each day recapping the highlights of the Entrepreneur Summit.

Entrepreneur Summit: David Drake Presenting on Sunday, May 22nd at 11am

David Drake is currently scheduled to present on Sunday morning at approximately 11am. (Like any conference, times are subject to change, so we will confirm the exact time as the summit approaches).

While you should definitely watch as much of the Green Flower Entrepreneur Summit as your schedule allows, make certain to mark your calendars for Drake’s discussion of best practices for companies that want to embrace technology.


Since our first article announcing Drake’s involvement in the Entrepreneur Summit, many of our readers have asked about the topic he has chosen to discuss. Drake’s insights into the cannabis industry have resonated with the community, which was especially evident during his keynote speech at the SF Seed Series event in March 2016.


For those who missed the Seed Series/Direct Cannabis Network presentation, you can view the video below, or on the Cannabis Reports Youtube channel. Drake discusses a future of cannabis business that is based on openness, transparency, and responsibility.

Keeping in stride with that sentiment, Drake agreed to give us all a preview of his upcoming speech for the Green Flower Entrepreneur Summit.


David Drake: Founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports

“Businesses operating in cannabis have to get around tons of different obstacles, and they don’t have a whole lot of resources available to learn about best practices for technology.

I want to provide information so that businesses feel like they have a checklist to implement solid technological practices into their company’s operations.

I will be going through everything from setting up a secure website to establishing complex internal tracking tools, and lots of other points in between.

It is incredibly important for our industry that we build good technology, and be careful to maintain trust by never exposing personal information.”

Learn more about Green Flower Media and the Entrepreneur Summit

Green Flower is a media company working hard to highlight the positive aspects of cannabis, and make that information available to everyone. In January 2016, Green Flower orchestrated the first ever virtual Cannabis Health Summit.


Over 28,000 people viewed the presentations throughout that two-day conference. It can be safely assumed that the Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit will be equally popular among the cannabis community. You can register for the Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit for free at GreenFlowerMedia.com.


Cannabis Reports will be providing coverage throughout the weekend of May 21st and 22nd on our Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram. We will be responding to questions regarding the cannabis discussion, as well as publishing daily recaps of each topic in our News section.