Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Cannabis Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Huge Win for Veterans Seeking Cannabis

On Thursday, May 19th, Congress granted veterans with the right to discuss cannabis therapy with their VA doctors, provided that medical cannabis is legal in that particular state.


Both the House and the Senate lifted restrictions that prohibit VA doctors from discussing cannabis at all due to its federal illegality. Now, VA doctors can complete all of the state-required recommendation paperwork that is required for to access medical cannabis.

A Mature Cannabis Industry Could Generate $28 Billion in Tax Revenue

According to a new report from the Tax Foundation, a mature cannabis industry could potentially produce up to $28 billion dollars in tax revenue, including $7.5 billion annually for the federal government.

The additional tax revenue would be divided between states and localities that impose business taxes of their own. The calculations considered the entire US adult population consuming cannabis under the same terms as states that are currently recreational.

One of LA’s Largest Delivery Services, Speed Weed, Shuts Down

On Monday, May 16th, the City Attorney of Los Angeles announced that local cannabis delivery service Speed Weed had agreed to shutter its doors and cease all operations by June 6th, 2016.


Since mid-2014, Speed Weed offered a highly sophisticated method of delivering cannabis strains and products throughout the entirety of Los Angeles. The reason behind the closure is voter-approved Proposition D, which prohibits cannabis delivery services from operating distribution centers within city limits.

Mary’s Medicinals Granted Notice of Allowance from Patent Office

Mary’s Medicinals has achieved what few cannabis companies have been able to in this fledgling industry: a patent. Well technically, they received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for their transdermal application materials and methods.


The patches in question are 2-inch squares that allow for the body to absorb cannabis-infused gel through the skin.

David Drake to Speak at Entrepreneur Summit

David Drake, founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports, has travelled down to Southern California for the live filming of the Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit. Drake will join over a dozen other experts to discuss the future of the cannabis industry and the best practices that new business owners should look to adopt.


Drake will specifically present on technology and how businesses should remain conscious of their user data, their own supply chain metrics, and how their technology connects them to the world. In a brief overview, Drake promised to cover everything from building a website to complex data storage.

Upcoming Cannabis Events

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Green Flower Media: Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit – (Online, Free: May 21-22)

Live-streamed to a global audience in real time for FREE, Green Flower’s Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit features the world’s top cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders who will deliver ultra-compelling talks designed to help you start, grow, or scale your cannabis business today.

Whether you’re thinking about entering the industry, you already have a growing business in the space, or you’re an interested investor, this live-streamed online Summit will give you the guidance and direction you need to make your dent in the blossoming cannabis universe.

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Cannaisseur Series Anniversary Dinner – (San Francisco, CA: May 21)

The Cannaisseur Series was created to provide a unique and intimate food focused event that is shared with open, like-minded ‘adult users’ of Medical Cannabis. A place where one can come and enjoy a gourmet meal using seasonal California ingredients paired with intermezzos of cannabis flower, edibles and more.

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Mary Jane Berlin – (Berlin, Germany: May 27-29)

After more than 11 years, “Mary Jane Berlin” is the largest German Hemp Fair with over 100 national and international exhibitors. Mary Jane Berlin is not only an exhibition, but also a festival. Experience wonderful exhibitors, food booths, live concerts and lectures on therapeutic properties.


Edible Sesh BBQ Cook-Off – (Canoga Park, CA: May 29)

This BBQ Cook-Off will be loads of fun for everyone who wants to experience the community behind cannabis. General admission tickets start at $11 so everyone can participate.

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