The NFL just cannot seem to win when it comes to cannabis. National organizations are typically stubborn when it comes to shifting attitudes toward medical cannabis, but the NFL is notoriously overreaching when it comes to punishing players who use cannabis.


Reports surfaced this week that the Baltimore Ravens are trying to trade offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, who earlier this year publicly donated thousands of dollars to cannabis research. Monroe took a lot of heat for his opinions, but the American public responded positively.


Opioid addiction and traumatic brain injuries have plagued this sport known for its violent hits and extreme physical impacts.


The Ravens organization never supported Monroe’s attitudes toward cannabis research, with head coach John Harbaugh reportedly saying, “I promise you, [Monroe] does not speak for the organization.”

The Baltimore Ravens began making attempts to trade Monroe early this week, and reports indicate that if they cannot find a new team for him by Thursday, they will cut him.

There are very few legitimate player protections in the NFL, and none of them would ever cover someone advocating cannabis.


Baltimore is adamant that the decision to move away from Monroe is totally football-related, pointing to the recent draft of Ronnie Stanley and Monroe’s history of injuries.

However, critics of the Ravens decision have pointed to the fact that Monroe’s injuries have been a known factor for quite some time, and that Ronnie Stanley was drafted nearly two months ago.

Teams often make quick personnel decisions, but when it comes to the NFL’s first active player to publicly advocate for cannabis, many people believe there is much more going on here.


Some have even suggested that Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, has been applying pressure internally to guarantee that Monroe is not picked up by another football organization.

Goodell has been making headlines lately for his mishandling of several high-profile punishments, including a months-long incident with star quarterback Tom Brady.

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