Attorney General Jeff Sessions responded to “reports that DOJ and DEA are at odds on marijuana research, particularly when it comes to granting applications to grow marijuana for further research.” This concern came from Senator Hatch [R-UT] during an Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice hearing.

Earlier in the year, the Drug Enforcement Administration opened up Applications To Become Registered Under the Controlled Substances Act To Manufacture Marijuana To Supply Researchers in the United States. The application itself consists of four pages and asks:

“Make checks payable to “Drug Enforcement Administration”.

Depending on the type of “Business Activity”, the fees range from $244 per year, to $3,047.

Fees for Business Types on Application

Screenshot from Application

You’ll be able to tick the box next to substances like Heroin, Mescaline, Peyote, or MDMA.

Screenshot of Substances from Application

Screenshot of Substances from Application

According to Sessions:

“I believe there are now 26 applications for approval of suppliers who would provide marijuana for medicinal research. Each one of those has to be supervised by the DEA and I have raised questions about how many and let’s be sure we’re doing this in the right way ’cause it costs a lot of money to supervise these events.”

Senator Hatch wasn’t just bringing this up out of nowhere. Alongside Senator Schatz [D-HI] he:

“introduced…the bipartisan Marijuana Effective Drug Studies Act of 2017 or the MEDS Act because I believe that scientists need to study the potential benefits and dangers of marijuana.”

The MEDS Act pushes for more research and production when it comes to medical cannabis and pushes for standards to be written for “good manufacturing practices.”

And while Sessions thinks “it’d be health to have some competition in this supply,” he’s quick to state:

“I’m sure we don’t need 26 new suppliers.”

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