This holiday season, Smoke Reports had the opportunity to review some of the magnificent cannabis gifts available for your family and friends. We met with the founders of two cannabis hardware companies and dissected the devices they have created for cannabis consumers.

Skip the Ugly Sweater and Grab Some Cannabis Technology (sweater source)

Skip the Ugly Sweater and Grab Some Cannabis Technology (sweater source)

Cannabis technology hopes to be the foundation of a legitimate cannabis industry. Some of the most substantial improvements for cannabis have been created directly by folks within the community of patients and consumers who want to be a part of something bigger.

Smoke Reports does not yet list accessories for consuming cannabis, yet our readers deserve a look into the incredible advancements happening with cannabis-focused hardware. Even if you have completed your holiday shopping, you should still check out the awesome brands featured below.

Cool Cannabis Accessories for Measured Consumption

For a long time, the word “paraphernalia” was the legislative term restricting the positive advancements of cannabis hardware. Tech companies such as VapeXhale and Blunt Ventures LLC have released products that re-capture how effective cannabis hardware can be if we respect the need for truly medical dosing with exact measurements.


The Smoke Reports team loves imagining the possibilities when complimentary companies aligned in their philosophies can envision better cannabis tools for patients and consumers.

In this feature, we will take a look at two brands creating hardware accessories for cannabis patients that may seem familiar, but are actually being propelled by a mission that has not yet been accomplished:

Help the patient know exactly how much cannabis they are consuming.


The Grale from Blunt Ventures

On the outside, The Grale from Blunt Ventures is exactly what it sounds like: a grinder mixed with a scale. Yet once you start playing around with this product, you can begin to appreciate the inventor’s dream to create more than just a novelty smoking accessory. Check out the short video below:

Josh, the inventor behind the Grale, has designed a product that could help both patients and recreational consumers measure their consumption rates. Josh knew about the positive effects that cannabis could provide himself and his loved ones, yet there was still something haphazard about the way medical patients were being asked to consume cannabis.

“If you look at alcohol consumption, unless someone is having an especially bad day, they are not typically drinking from the bottle. Alcohol is widely consumed via shot glasses, beer bottles, pint mugs; the consumer understands the level of inebriation that results from that amount.

Relating this back to cannabis, there is no such apparatus to properly gauge the level of inebriation desired.”

-Josh, Founder of Blunt Ventures and The Grale

The Grale is the first version of what we here at Smoke Reports expect to be a long line of consumption measurement tools from Josh and the Blunt Ventures team. We need to begin creating solutions for consumers, and medical patients especially, to be able to monitor their consumption patterns, and understand their personal reactions to different amounts of cannabis.


The Grale intentionally fuses the practicality of accurate measurement with some fun customization to give users that little something extra to appreciate. The Grale has 2 cap colors and 7 grinder teeth colors to choose from, and they also offer limited edition Grales customized by New York street artist collective URNY. Design your Grale set-up at

The EVO from VapeXhale

Vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis patients who want immediate relief without the health side effects of smoking flowers or concentrates. Seibo started VapeXhale after being unable to find a vaporizer that met his needs as a father, a patient, and also a businessperson.

Having seen the other vaporizer products being marketed to cannabis users, he decided to fill a gap in the vaporizer market with a product that promoted good health, physical activity, and of course, cannabis consumption. Check out the EVO in action in the video below:

One of the biggest challenges in the vaporizer market is the saturation of different products. There are disposable cartridges, single-use pens, hand-held flower vaporizers (PAX), desktop vaporizers (like the Volcano from Storz & Bickel), custom dab rigs, and more.

During the research and development phase, Seibo realized that out of all of these vaporizers, none of the brands had a message that went beyond the act of vaporizing. Health benefits were being ignored, and individual companies were being built to appeal to a small demographic of cannabis users.


The EVO from VapeXhale Shows Off Proactive Cannabis

VapeXhale wanted to push those boundaries by providing information and resources about the benefits not just of vaporizing, but of incorporating responsible cannabis into daily activities. The cannabis community is seeing more and more brands push away the lazy stoner stereotype, and products like the EVO will help illuminate the diversity within the cannabis community.

The EVO is designed to vaporize flowers and extracts, giving it a lot of appeal as one of the top units in terms of versatility. Pick one up this holiday season at

The Future of Accurate Cannabis Consumption

Companies like VapeXhale and Blunt Ventures are building better hardware options for cannabis patients. Vaporizers, grinders, scales, and other cannabis accessories are not new to the cannabis community, yet in recent years, innovation for cannabis hardware seemed to have fallen off as a priority.

As cannabis moves into a more positive social role, hardware technologies like the EVO and the Grale will help guide inexperienced users as they become comfortable with cannabis consumption.


Smoke Reports appreciates companies that create a product and immediately start eyeing improvements for their customers. Blunt Ventures, VapeXhale, and many other hardware companies have the opportunity to demystify the dangers of cannabis by offering responsible consumption methods.


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