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Another Week in the World of Cannabis: May 6th, 2016

Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Cannabis Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.



This past week, we witnessed several government entities address cannabis in both positive and negative ways. In general, cannabis legalization feels like an inevitable future, but certain situations remind us that there is still a fight to finish.

Germany to Legalize Medical Cannabis

On Tuesday, German’y health minister declared that Germany would legalize cannabis for medical purposes early next year. Cannabis would be available at pharmacies and only for those who have a prescription.

Germany plans on importing medical cannabis until they can establish their own state-governed supply chain. Currently, Germany categorizes cannabis as a dangerous drug, with a potential prison sentence of up to five years (and an limitless fine).

German Health Minister: Hermann Groehe

German Health Minister: Hermann Groehe

However, many consider Germany to have one of the most relaxed national views toward cannabis. Also, there are already at least 382 individuals who have permission to use cannabis in a supervised fashion by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

Oregon Making Edibles, Oils, and Recreational Business Licenses Available

It has been over ten months since cannabis became recreationally legal in Oregon. In that time, there have been a multitude of hiccups for cannabis businesses trying to operate in the Beaver State.


On May 1st, Oregon’s intended cannabis governance agency, the OLCC, granted the first eight official business licenses for cultivators. Over the next several months, they plan on reviewing and approving an additional eight hundred license applications.


Additionally, recreational sales of cannabis-infused edibles, oils, and topicals are not yet permitted. According to temporary rules announced by the Oregon Health Authority, individuals 21 and older can purchase specified items from June 2nd through December 31st of this year, when the temporary program ends. Purchases of these products will include a 25% sales tax.

Alabama Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed a bill permitting the use of cannabidiol (CBD, non-psychoactive) by patients with debilitating conditions and symptoms. The bill, also known as Leni’s law, is the follow-up to Carly’s law that was passed two years ago in an effort to authorize the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to conduct cannabidiol research.


Lena Young’s family relocated to Oregon in order to provide their daughter with cannabidiol medicine. Over the last few years, several conservative states have passed cannabidiol laws due to public pressure from affected families and empathetic grassroots movements.

So far, results from the UAB study indicate that over 50% of participants have a reduction in seizures as the result of cannabidiol treatment.

600 Thousand Sign California Petition for Recreational Cannabis

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act has apparently received over 600,000 signatures, far beyond the 365 thousand required to put the voter initiative on the California ballot this November.

AUMA succeeded in part due to major financial support from advocacy groups, as well as Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook).

Buzzkill: Vermont House Shoots Down Legalization

The Vermont House shot down a proposal to legalize cannabis possession of up to one ounce of flowers. The vote was 121 against and only 28 in favor. The House also voted down a measure that would have put the issue in front of state voters.


Vermont is one of twenty-four states that does not have an avenue for voter petitioned initiatives.

Upcoming Cannabis Events

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.13.15 AM

CannaGrow Expo – (San Diego, CA: May 7-8)

The CannaGrow Expo is open to all, 18+, and is intended for cannabis growers, dispensary owners, grow managers, and grow enthusiasts to explore the latest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and techniques.

CannaGrow San Diego will feature 18 grow-focused educational sessions lead by world-class growers over two action-packed days, plus an expo hall full of the latest tools & technology for growing cannabis.


Spring Marijuana Business Conference & Expo – (Orlando, FL: May 9-11)

3000+ Industry Executives, Experts & Major Investors ready to meet the needs of the many emerging market. Massive Expo Hall packed with vendors ready to show off the latest products and services. Expert speakers with all-new presentations and Q&A Sessions.


6th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days – (Washington D.C.: May 12-13)

NCIA’s Lobby Days provide the best opportunity to show our nation’s decision-makers what a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry looks like. NCIA members from across the country descend on Capitol Hill to tell their stories and urge their representatives to fix the unfair tax and banking policies crippling our industry.

With multiple states looking to legalize medical and adult-use cannabis in 2016, fixing federal policies is more critical than ever.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.09.54 AM

IMPACT: Autoimmune Disorders & Cannabis – (Denver, CO: May 14)

The monthly IMPACT Network conference will be on Autoimmune Disorders & Cannabis Saturday, May 14th, from noon to 5 pm at Green Labs in Denver’s RiNo district. Patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders are all welcome.


Improving Women’s Health with Cannabis – (San Diego, CA: May 15)

NTC Venues invites you to the first annual My Fair Lady Luncheon. The mission for this event is to present people with an upscale event while we bring an educational platform on improving women’s health with cannabis.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.07.01 AM

Yoga with a View – (Denver, CO: May 15)

Mason Jar Event Group is bringing together the sweet blend of Colorado’s finest indulgences for a day filled with relaxation and rejuvenation in an intimate setting. Set in unique and inspiring locations, these events combine yoga, a farm-to-table brunch, and cannabis pairings from some of the regions finest.


NW Cannabis Classic – (Anchorage, AL: May 14-15)

Anchorage is the first stop on the NW Cannabis Classic tour and offers a can’t miss experience for vendors and visitors alike, complete with innovative product demos, vibrant vendors, informative seminars, music, lucrative networking opportunities, and undeniable excitement – it’s all happening in Anchorage!

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Another Week in the World of Cannabis: April 22nd, 2016

Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Cannabis Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Happy Earth Day and a Belated 420

What a week for the world of cannabis. Today is Earth Day, and once again, cannabis is highlighting all of the ways it can positively influence environmental factors. Check out our most recent Earth Day blog to learn more about cannabis and the future of our planet.


Also, last Wednesday was the largest unofficial holiday in America: 420! The Cannabis Reports team decided to break from our tradition of attending the festivities at hippie hill. You can read all about our trip to the cannabis exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California (as well as our afternoon boat excursion) in the Cannabis Reports 420 blog.


DEA and FDA Green Light Cannabis Study for Veterans with PTSD

The times they are a-changin’ alright. After sixteen months, the DEA and FDA have approved of Dr. Sue Sisley’s proposed study of cannabis on veterans with PTSD. The study received a $2 million grant from the state of Colorado late in 2014.


With the green light to begin conducting research, Dr. Sisley and her team will begin examining the 76 veterans evenly between Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD and Dr. Sisley’s facilities in Phoenix, AZ. The study is also sponsored by MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).

Pennsylvania Becomes the 24th State to Adopt a Medical Cannabis Program

Governor Tom Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act last Sunday after the proposed bill was approved by the state’s Senate late last week. The bill goes into effect in 30 days, although it could take nearly a year for the program to finally be able to provide access to Pennsylvanians.

Canada Plans to Legalize Cannabis in 2017

Canada’s health minister Jane Philpott announced at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs that Canada will have cannabis legislation ready by the early 2017.

Canada's Health Minister Jane Philpott

Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s newly-elected Prime Minister ran for office on a platform that suggested rapid shifts in cannabis laws. While early 2017 is not as quick as many cannabis activist would have liked, Canada does stand to become the first major Western country to implement nationwide changes to cannabis policy.

UN Discusses International Drug Policy in NYC

The United Nations held their General Assembly Special Session on international drug policy in New York City this week. Many political and social icons addressed the assembly, with speeches addressing the need for world powers to rethink punishments and support programs for drugs.


Cannabis is one of the hot topics for the UNGASS members due to increased clinical research and global states already ignoring the UN Single Convention by implementing medical cannabis programs.

Upcoming Cannabis Events


SweetWater 420 Fest – (Atlanta, GA: April 22-24)

SweetWater 420 Fest blends music, entertainment, art and culture, all while respecting Mother Earth and has grown and evolved each and every year since 2004. Yes, 12 years ago this baby was born, at SweetWater Brewery as a small celebration and has evolved to the weekend-long, jam-packed Fest you know and love today at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park.

National Cannabis Festival – (Washington, D.C.: April 23)

More than just a festival, NCF is a chance to connect with members of the cannabis community and industry from across the country while enjoying a full day of music, games, delicious food and drink.


Boise Hempfest – (Boise, ID: April 23)

The first Boise Hempfest is a family friendly cannabis education event.


Cannabis Film Festival – (Garberville, CA: April 23-24)

Due to many state legal statute revisions and imminent Federal perceptive shift, the cannabis scene is full of endless potential just waiting to be explored – the chosen avenue for this exploration is awareness raising through film.


Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) – (Eugene, OR: April 24)

The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is the most well-known cannabis industry conference in Oregon. Formerly the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference, the OMBC combines business, politics, activism and culture.


The Lost Art of Hashishin Work Shop – (Portland, OR: April 24)

The primary goal of Frenchy Cannoli’s work is to promote appreciation of traditional hashish as it is made in producing countries. Come spend a day with Frenchy learning the ancient art of sieving. Frenchy provides a live demo with in-depth commentary on all aspects of the actual process.


NCIA Quarterly Cannabis Caucus (Various Locations)

Each Cannabis Caucus is free of charge for current NCIA member and includes: an in-depth federal policy update from senior NCIA staff or staff from a district congressional office, a comprehensive state and local policy update from a local elected offical or member of NCIA, an informational packet filled with detailed legislative analysis and recent federal policy developments, an organization update so you can keep up to date with what NCIA is doing for you, the opportunity to network with the leaders in the cannabis industry:

Southern California Quarterly Caucus – (Los Angeles, CA: April 26)

Washington Quarterly Cannabis Caucus – (Seattle, WA: April 28)


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.03.43 AM

Green Rush Job Fair – (San Francisco, CA: April 30)

Cannabis is America’s fastest growing industry. With legalization spreading like wildfire and billions of dollars to be made, cannabis is the business you need to be in. Every sector of the Cannabis industry will be represented, from cultivators to customer service, manufacturing to marketing, graphic design to genetics, security systems to social media.


MardiGrass – (Nimbi, Australia: April 30-May1)

The MardiGrass Mission: To bring about change by the most entertaining means possible.

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Happy Earth Day: How Cannabis Helps the Planet Year Round

Last Earth Day, Cannabis Reports (formerly Smoke Reports) wrote about five reasons why cannabis can help the environment. In the past year, cannabis awareness has spread and more people are joining the conversation about the positive impact of cannabis.


Cannabis Reports know the importance of recognizing Earth Day, and remaining conscious of our ecological footprint. The progress of the cannabis industry over the last year is evident from advancements in legitimate cultivation practices, industrial hemp production and conversion to alternative materials and fuels.

Industrial Hemp Farming Gets A Lot of Attention

Growing hemp for industrial purposes can have a dramatic effect on the environment, almost exclusively for the better. Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) produces a plentiful amount of fiber, and rapid growth cycles allow farms to regenerate materials much faster than other pulp and fiber sources.

Hemp (source)

Hemp (source)

Hemp production also consumes an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, and is capable of reloading soil with healthy nutrients.

Last year, Congress heard Senate Bill 134 (Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015), and since that time, many state legislatures (most recently Alabama and Pennsylvania) have introduced regulations promoting the hemp cultivation industry.

Alternative Fuels and Materials Derived from Cannabis

Widespread cannabis cultivation could potentially separate us from our addiction to petroleum-based products and fuels. Alternative cannabis-baed materials have been getting a lot of recent attention, especially in the fields of construction and engineering.

Hempcrete Used for Construction (source)

Hempcrete Used for Construction (source)

Hempcrete is a great example of the prominence of cannabis when it comes to innovative ideas. A University in Finland recently granted 70,000 euros to research cannabis for construction purposes.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Cultivation

Over the last few months, cannabis legislation has been presented in multiple states that would allow for legal cannabis opportunities. One of the negative aspects of illegal cannabis is that cultivators are forced to hide their farms, often resulting in water diversion, waste and sewage run-off, and hazardous land grading.

Aftermath of an Illegal Cannabis Farm Discovered by the U.S. Forest Service (source)

Aftermath of an Illegal Cannabis Farm Discovered by the U.S. Forest Service (source)

California is home to thousands of cannabis cultivation sites. At the end of 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed three cannabis bills that grant the cannabis industry opportunities to operate as legal, regulated, for-profit businesses.


By bringing cannabis into the light, cannabis farmers can feel comfortable growing their flowers without resorting to harmful and irresponsible cultivation practices.

Have a Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is a great opportunity to reflect on your personal relationship with the environment. Cannabis often gets bad press about its impact on the environment, and it is important to remember that cannabis can be incredibly positive, provided we make those opportunities possible.


For the most up to date info on Cannabis Reports, follow us on Twitter, and like us on our Facebook page.

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