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GreenRush Job Fair in SF: Over 2,500 Attendees Seeking Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

On Apil 30th, 2016, GreenRush hosted a job fair at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The job fair, aptly titled as “Join the Green Rush,” provided an open opportunity for jobseekers to introduce themselves to over thirty different cannabis businesses.

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Cannabis Reports was thrilled to participate in the event, and we want to extend a huge thank you to Jude Ignatius, Eddie Miller, and the entire GreenRush team for hosting such an effective and fun convention.


By the time the event opened its doors just after 10am, the line was already wrapping around the block. Through the day on Saturday, over 2,500 people attended the job fair. The day was a major success, with several individuals receiving employment opportunities on the spot. (One North Bay retailer, Earthly Wellness, allegedly hired at least three people on the spot!)

The Calm Before the Rush

The Calm Before the Rush

Join the Green Rush was an effective job fair for several reasons, mainly because the companies with booths were actually filling positions. One attendee, who wished to remain anonymous, was thrilled to see that companies were accepting resumes and actually having conversations with jobseekers.

“Normally with these [job fairs], companies just want to advertise to people and they don’t even have any [jobs] open. I came today with a bunch of resumes, got in with my free ticket, and actually feel like the [companies] were taking me seriously.”

-Job Fair Attendee

Future job fairs take note: people are sick of being tricked into paying good money for the hope of finding a job. Ticket pricing was another important success over the weekend. Entrance was $4.20 and there were several widely-circulated discount codes for free entry. This low financial barrier attracted thousands of people to the fair.


Another reason the event was universally enjoyable was that all of the businesses in attendance were friendly, enjoyable, and responsible actors in the cannabis industry. The overall tone of the event was a positive future where cool companies could employ ambitious and qualified individuals.

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David Drake, our founder and CEO here at Cannabis Reports, was interviewed at the event by SFGate for an article on the job fair.

Cannabis Reports wants to share our gratitude for GreenRush, all of the cannabis organizations who set up booths, and of course all of the attendees interested in participating in the emerging cannabis industry.


Cannabis Reports covers updates and advancements within the cannabis industry and community.

Besides being a fantastic opportunity to interact with prospective employees, the GreenRush Job Fair was also a great place for us to debut our data visualization tool for cannabis genetics, which ended up being incredibly popular among the community.


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Want to Work for Cannabis? Tips for Finding Your Dream Job in a Rapidly Growing Industry

The cannabis industry is booming. Several reports have been published that estimate the industry will generate $22 billion by 2020. New businesses are entering the space each day, bringing job opportunities to the different cannabis regions across the country.


Yet not all cannabis job markets provide the same opportunities, or salaries. For instance, Colorado and Washington have rather established cannabis markets, and many businesses have enough stability to provide employees with compensation packages standard to other industries.

The two most important things about finding a job in cannabis? Make sure you will enjoy your responsibilities, and set realistic expectations. This means going out and interacting with the cannabis industry folks already doing the job you desire.


$4.20 for General Admission Tickets

One fantastic chance for you to interact with the cannabis industry is at the GreenRush Job Fair, taking place at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on April 30th, 2016. Tickets are available on Eventbrite, with a general admission price of just $4.20.

You should pursue the best position for you, whether that is a budtender, lab technician, or cannabis activist. But to truly know if it is the best job for you, do not be shy when inquiring about what the exact work entails.

Another incredibly important consideration is the fact that cannabis is still federally illegal. This has many implications for the industry, and despite mounting support for cannabis throughout the nation, it is necessary to research, understand, and ultimately be comfortable with working in the cannabis space.

The cannabis industry is growing, and it does not make people millionaires overnight. You will be expected to work, most likely in more difficult situations than you would in a similar job in any other consumables industry. Cannabis is emerging from prohibition, and the path is still being mapped out by changes in policy.

Cannabis Legalization is Spreading, But is Still Illegal Under Federal Law

Cannabis Legalization is Spreading, But is Still Illegal Under Federal Law

The following tips have helped many people find jobs in the cannabis industry, although they truly succeeded through research, perseverance, networking and setting reasonable expectations.

A special thanks to GreenRush.comWeedHire.com420careers.comTHCJobs.com, and Ganjapreneur.com for making job data available for review.

Cannabis Job and Industry Growth

ArcView Market Research is a company providing analytics for the cannabis industry.

“A recent report from ArcView Market Research predicted that the legal cannabis market will grow by 25% this year to reach $6.7 billion in total U.S. sales, and that the total could approach $22 billion in sales by 2020.”

Fortune Article: 2/11/16

While $22 billion sounds like a lot of money, other reports have estimated the value of the industry to amount to much, much more. So whatever the number ends up being when 2020 rolls around, every expert is expecting it to represent a booming industry.

David Drake, founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports, Talks Shop at the New West Summit in San Francisco (Nov. 2015)

David Drake, founder and CEO of Cannabis Reports, Talks Shop at the New West Summit in San Francisco

With so much opportunity for businesses and investors, job growth in the legal cannabis industry is also skyrocketing. One thing to remember is that these opportunities get filled very quickly due to the fast pace of the industry, so be extra vigilant when browsing job listings.

The Many Business Opportunities in Cannabis

We took a look at some job data from different resources like GreenRush.com, WeedHire.com, 420careers.com, THCJobs.com, and Ganjapreneur.com.


Above is a chart examining over 800 open positions across the country by type. As you can see, manufacturing and retail positions are still the most plentiful, followed closely by the distinct need for experienced administrators and executive roles.

Dispensaries and Deliveries

  • Budtender
  • Product/Shift Manager
  • Delivery Driver
  • Delivery Dispatcher
  • Security

Extract and Edible Production Companies

  • Sales/Growth
  • Social Media
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Distribution
  • Product Creation


  • Grower
  • Trimmer
  • Extractor
  • HVAC/Lighting
  • Breeding/Nursery
  • Seed Collection

Web Technology and Design

  • Hardware Technician
  • Software Development
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Engineering/Product Design

Other Positions

  • Doctor’s Office
  • Lobbying/Activism
  • Journalism/Media Creation
  • Cultivation Equipment
  • Soil Specialist
  • Glass Blowing/Vaporizer Accessories
  • Legal Assistance
  • Videographer
  • Event Coordinator

Basic Compensation Information

Compensation for the cannabis industry varies from city to city. Based on self-reported employment data, compensation actually varies more within states than it does across states.

In the general scheme of economics, compensation always varies by location, but salary averages are also determined by the number of available job listings in the state, so further studies are required determine the accuracy of cannabis compensation.

The listed range for entry level positions was $11-$19 per hour, although the average was much closer to $14/hr.

The compensation range for managerial positions was between $18 and $31 per hour, although many of these positions were listed as salary, not hourly. There was no clear average as the definition of manager/supervisor varies immensely across the different sectors of the industry.

It is important to consider both the region you want to work in as well as the policies of the different companies you are sending applications. Is there an established hierarchy within the company? What is the opportunity for promotion? Are you expected to take on undefined roles with very little oversight? How long have the other employees worked there?

From the Popular TV Show: Workaholics

From the Popular TV Show: Workaholics on Comedy Central

Another important note about employment in the cannabis space: some companies do not approve of consumption during working hours except for extreme medical exceptions. There are no employment protections for cannabis patients, and companies are allowed to set their own policies.

Assembling a Good Resume

Putting together a clear and impressive resume shouldn’t be as intimidating as it clearly feels. Hopefully some of the following advice resonates with your experiences so far, and gives you an idea of how to get noticed when applying for a popular position.

Firstly, know the employment requirements in your state. In California, many (if not most) cannabis businesses require their employees to have a medical recommendation. Individuals without a doctor’s recommendation cannot enter dispensaries, attend events, or legally possess or transport cannabis products.


New CA Laws Will Relieve Some of the Employment Tensions, But for Now,  You Will Want to Have a Medical Recommendation

Now start writing down everything. Try to compile all the work you have accomplished, including any demanding responsibilities or examples of leadership. Very few people have multiple years of experience in the cannabis industry, so the good news is that “4+ years as a {enter your position here}” is not a widespread requirement yet.

Of course you need to emphasize all of your strengths in the workplace, but do not forget to tie the strengths into your passion and knowledge of cannabis. Most job applicants are successful due to a positive attitude, rather than their past experience with cannabis.

Learn About Cannabis from Resources like Uwe Blesching's The Cannabis Health index

Learn About Cannabis from Resources like Uwe Blesching’s The Cannabis Health Index

Still, it is a great idea to express a deeper understanding of cannabis even if it is beyond the scope of the job requirements. One example of deeper understanding is researching cannabis genetics beyond indica and sativa. Just being aware of that conversation adds value to your role at any business.


We hope that this article helps you on your journey into the cannabis industry. Feel free to add any suggestions or ask any questions in the comments section below. For the most up to date info on Cannabis Reports, follow us on Twitter, and like us on our Facebook page.