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Oregon Extract Producers to Get Licenses After Enduring a Month of Legal Limbo and No Business

The last month has been chaotic for the Oregon cannabis industry. Due to state law that went into effect on March 3rd, producers of cannabis extracts must have a license to legally operate. The issue? The Oregon Health Authority was not yet prepared to process manufacturing applications.

Portland Extracts Halted Production to Stay Safe

Portland Extracts Halted Production to Stay Safe

Thankfully, extraction licenses will become available tomorrow, April 1st. The OHA released a statement allowing cannabis processors with pending applications to operate on March 23rd, but most compliant cannabis companies were taking no chances.

“A medical marijuana processing site that has submitted a complete application for registration with OHA is exempted from criminal liability.”

-Oregon health Authority, Bulletin Released on March 23rd, 2016

House Bill 4014 was intended to make illegal at-home butane hash manufacturing a class B felony. Instead, it shined a spotlight on the importance of responsibly applying regulations. Cannabis legalization has been marred by legal oversights in the past, and with this in mind, policymakers should be sensitive to not restrict the legal market as they implement regulations.


When major Oregon extract companies ceased their operations, the effects were felt across the industry and community. The entire point of legalization is responsibly shifting cannabis from a black market into a regulated industry.

The Dangers of Illegal Cannabis Production

The Dangers of Illegal Cannabis Production

This is an important lesson and we need to learn from past mistakes. It is up to the states to make licenses available in a timely manner, or to at least anticipate deadlines and create emergency extensions before companies are forced to close shop.

Many of the smaller production companies without large investors are going to have a difficult time bouncing back from over three weeks of no business.

As the country moves toward legalization, policymakers need to be certain that they do not impede legal business, because that will only drive people to operate in illegal markets.

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Another Week in the World of Cannabis: March 18th, 2016

Cannabis is emerging from the shadows of prohibition. Every week, there are advancements in many fields related to cannabis. Cannabis Reports will be re-capping the weekly events of the cannabis community and industry, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

NFL Players Donating to Cannabis Research

The conversation behind cannabis for injured sports players continues to pick up steam. Recently, an NFL official admitted a link between head trauma and long-term health problems.


Eugene Monroe, an eight-year veteran of the NFL and currently an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, took to social media to express the importance of NFL players working together to build the research and programs necessary to support players with chronic traumatic encephalopathy.


Monroe asked other players to involve themselves in the conversation, and to donate money to cannabis research. Monroe donated $10,000 and announced he would donate more if other players did not step up to tackle the challenge.

Oregon Finds Itself Stuck with Extracts

The growing pains of the legal cannabis industry can be incredibly disruptive. The Oregon Health Authority announced on Tuesday that it would be holding retailers legally responsible for selling cannabis extracts from unlicensed processors.


The problem is that Oregon has not yet released its licensing program for extract makers, meaning that no processors are capable of legally making extracts. Oregon had previously made unlicensed extract production a felony. Extracts can still be legally distributed to Oregon cannabis patients.

LA County Creates Cannabis Task Force

Los Angeles County has voted for the creation of a task force that intends to shut down all of the dispensaries and deliveries operating illegally. Dispensaries have been banned in certain unincorporated areas since 2011, but until now, there has been very little opposition or prosecution from regulators.


The task force plans on acting very quickly, with the first report anticipated within four months. There  are potentially thousands of illegal cannabis dispensaries operating in the unincorporated areas of LA County.

Santa Ana Police Charged for Actions During Raid

Three officers of the Santa Ana Police Department have been charged with petty theft and vandalism. The incident occurred in May of 2015 when Santa Ana police raided the Sky High Holistic cannabis dispensary.


The officers had been accused of eating cannabis-infused edible products during the raid. The police had dismantled a visible system of sixteen security cameras, but did not dismantle a hidden camera system complete with four cameras.


The actions of the officers during the raid was recorded at length, but a special prosecution unit has said it has found no evidence that the officers consumed cannabis products.

Pittsburgh Police Think Drug Testing is “Unconstitutional”

The police union in Pittsburgh has filed a civil rights grievance against the city. The issue? Cops don’t want to have to undergo drug and alcohol tests. Under the claims that drug screening the police in this case would violate their constitutional rights to privacy.


The mayor of Pittsburgh is arguing that the police contracts do allow for drug tests in certain circumstances, and that screens are conducted based on recent incidents only.

Cannabis Valued at $44bn in 2020

Every year, reports come out that assess the future of the cannabis industry. Without fail, the estimated worth of the cannabis industry increases as more businesses and investors center the space.


Marijuana Business Daily’s most recent report predicted that the value of the cannabis industry would have a $44 billion dollar impact in 2020.

Vox Poll: How US Voters Feel About Drugs

A Vox poll of 2,000 registered U.S. voters found that America does not want to decriminalize drugs, for the most part. The exception? Cannabis.


59% of respondents favored decriminalizing cannabis. The next most popular drug for decriminalization was psilocybin mushrooms, which only found favor among 22% of respondents.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.27.09 AM

When asked whether cannabis should be legalized for medical purposes, 68% of participants supported the notion. However, only 52% of the folks participating in the poll thought that cannabis should be legal for recreational use.

Upcoming Cannabis Events


Cannabis Grand Cru – (Seattle, WA: March 19)

Cannabis Grand Cru represents cannabis culture, lifestyle, business & community in a premier event setting. The cornerstone of the Grand Cru brand is a series of intimate events designed for both cannabis-industry professionals and adults that enjoy the cannabis experience and desire to learn more and enjoy in the company of like-minded individuals.


Local Sesh – (San Diego, CA: March 20)

Local Sesh provides a fun and educational event that caters to the local cannabis community, as well as to provide advocacy for this miracle plant. Patients are welcome to join us as we bring our local medical marijuana community closer together in celebration of the progress so far and the future to come!

Compliant dispensaries, collectives, deliveries, and various other medical marijuana providers and industry professionals will be there enjoying Local Sesh and so should you!


The Four-Twenty Games – (Santa Monica, CA: March 26)

Announcing the 1st annual Los Angeles 420 Games. This will be the frist 4.20 Fun Jog/Walk/Skate/Ride in LA, featuring Lagunitas beer tasting, great music and edicational speeches. Come join the fun and continue to help change the perception of cannabis and the poeple who use it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.45.03 AM

Abra Ca Dabs – San Bernardino, CA: March 26-27)

An annual 2-day cannabis festival with hundreds of award-winning vendors showcasing the latest products of 2016.

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Week.com: Higher Tea

Week.com: Higher Tea

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2015 with Smoke Reports: The Evolution of the Most Advanced Cannabis Technology Platform

In our most recent post, our readers had the chance to watch our team’s journey throughout 2015. In that time, Smoke Reports has grown from a database with 2,500 strains to a full-stack technology platform supported by detailed data on over 20,000 retailers, manufacturers, seed companies, cultivators, and all of the strains, edibles, extracts, topicals, pet treats, and other products that these organizations produce and distribute.


Let’s take a look at the Smoke Reports 2015 timeline, and peek at what 2016 has in store for cannabis and the Smoke Reports platform.

Launch Party – Early Adopters – Public Lab Tests

On Friday March 13th, the Smoke Reports team hosted our Launch Party at 111 Minna Gallery in downtown San Francisco. Hundreds of people attended the free event throughout the day and evening, hanging out with the Smoke Reports team and other members of the cannabis industry, listening to awesome musical groups, and enjoying delicious food and drink.


Introducing Smoke Reports to the community was something our team planned very cautiously. So many technology companies exist today are quick to boast about the value of their company’s product, but rarely do these tech groups invest in personally engaging with their users.


Hosting a free Launch Event allowed our team to interact with the cannabis patients, business owners, and other interested members of the public that use our online cannabis platform.


At the Launch Event, Smoke Reports opened up the business platform for producers and dispensaries to access market data and effective menu listing technology. Some early adopters of the Smoke Reports platform like AbsoluteXtracts, Care By Design, and Canna Magic were also showing off their products at informational booths. Also in attendance were organizations like the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of San Francisco.


The production company Canna Magic has truly embraced all of the Smoke Reports tools and technologies. Canna Magic was one of the first manufacturers to upload lab tests for each of their products, as well as include QR codes on all of their labels that direct the patient to the Smoke Reports listing for that specific Canna Magic product.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.06.26 PM

Open API Being Used by 400+ Developers

Smoke Reports understands the importance of a connected cannabis community. Currently, most cannabis platforms are hosting their own information, providing consumers with conflicting prices and availability, and misrepresenting brands with incorrect photos and descriptions.


Our database is the first cannabis platform that normalizes the way programmers, businesses, and consumers can navigate information on over 20,000 strains, edibles, extracts, products, and more.

Building a Database Means Hours of Hard Work

During the summer, Smoke Reports released the most powerful cannabis API ever. API stands for “application programming interface,” and is essentially the tool with which programmers can easily communicate with our database. The API is open and freely available to everyone, which is why it has drawn over 400 different developers and programmers in its first five months.


By offering equal access to cannabis data, Smoke Reports has quickly become the most popular of the cannabis API because we serve complete details on individual products and brands, including pricing, potency, availability, and genetic lineage. An open cannabis API finally allows the cannabis industry to put forth standardized information for consumers without each group having to build their own databases.

New West Summit: Networking and Normalized Data for a Transparent Industry

The New West Summit was the first cannabis conference specifically focusing on technology, media, and businesses in the cannabis space. Held on November 20th and 21st in downtown San Francisco, the New West Summit gave producers, dispensaries, investors and policymakers to network directly with other cannabis organizations.

The Smoke Reports team cultivated many fabulous relationships from the conference, including scores of  API users and new customers of our business platform. Our open API was the discussion of many panels, and the conversation flowed over onto the exhibition floor, where nearly every sponsor and exhibitor saw a potential use of our services.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.40.46 AM

Transparency in the cannabis industry was a major theme of the event, and the Smoke Reports API was evidently the most advanced and beneficial piece of technology on display. Our success came out of the fact that not only were our services on display, they were available for immediate use by patients, businesses owners, and lawmakers from Sacramento.


Normalizing cannabis data so that everyone could universally access and discuss cannabis information has always been the underlying goal of the Smoke Reports team. Now, hundreds of developers and businesses are interacting and contributing to our database, and for the first time in cannabis, it seems technology may have the opportunity to grow our community into a legitimate industry.

Keeping Up with California Regulations – First Cannabis SKU System

Cannabis had a very positive year in 2015, with many different groups and organizations coming out in favor of sensible regulation and taxation. These are the next steps for California and other states that want to responsibly implement cannabis laws. Unfortunately, states that have legalized recreational cannabis have also expressed frustrations with some premature legislative decisions.

Gavin Newso

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom recognized the importance behind including everyone in the discussion about cannabis policy to most effectively eliminate the black market and establish a legal cannabis industry. Newsom headed the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy (BRCMP) earlier this year, and the findings certainly tried to include both opportunities and protections for everyone.


Recently after the BRCMP was published, the California legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. The three bills included in this new act had undergone months of deliberation between lawmakers and cannabis industry members. AB 266, AB 243, and SB 643 were passed by the California House and Senate in September, and later signed by Governor Jerry Brown.


Gov. Jerry Brown

All three bills place a lot of emphasis on the need for safety and transparency for consumers. In fact, the bills call for many technological advancements, from lab testing requirements to auditing and tracking systems, and beyond. Smoke Reports is proud to offer the foundation for transparent tracking of all cannabis products, down to a single batch or location.


On top of all of the exciting advancements in the regulatory sector, Smoke Reports is proud to announce that Google’s search engine has started to recognize our Universal Cannabis Product Code system (UCPC) as the first SKU system that intelligently codifies cannabis products, and allows businesses to note every step of the manufacturing and distribution processes. You can read more in our post about our API and the UCPC system.

Team Growth – Expanding Coverage – Increased Traffic

As our database grows, so does our need for human resources. The Smoke Reports team has undergone some very healthy growth, with the addition of more developers, data experts, client support, and outside contributors of medical and legal information.


The Smoke Reports team now has just over ten teammates supporting our community of thousands of businesses and consumers. Thousands of people across the world have already signed up for a free Smoke Report account, and the level of participation is staggering.


With thousands of patients leaving thousands of meaningful reviews, the Smoke Reports platform is drawing increased traffic from all over the web. Our website is designed for learning and education, and we do not advertise or track any of our users. Smoke Reports is creating a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable exploring and engaging with cannabis.


Smoke Reports has the opportunity to help the cannabis community redefine the way cannabis is marketed. Our team believes that advertising distracts from honest exploration, and can keep people from finding the best products for their unique endocannabinoid systems. By not selling advertising, we feel that every producer and dispensary can compete on an equal playing field.


Equality in the cannabis space is a major concern as the 2016 possibility of California legalization comes into view. Many people are worried about the potential for big business and corporations to monopolize cannabis production and distribution, similar to the legalization attempts in Ohio.

Rethinking Pot Ohio's Heartland

Smoke Reports cares deeply about the entirety of the cannabis industry, and we believe that growing the pie together will provide everyone with a bigger slice down the line.


Our recent expansion into Southern California and the Northwestern states has revealed the fragmented condition of cannabis technology. In an effort to standardize the way the cannabis industry communicates, Smoke Reports will continue to develop tools that serve everyone in the cannabis space.

New Technologies: Wish List, Research on Specific Conditions

While the Smoke Reports database had a great year in 2015, we are so excited for 2016 and the new features and tools that we are already building for cannabis.

Smoke Reports Wish List

Our personalized Wish List feature is available for anyone with a free Smoke Reports account. For the first time, people in areas all over the world can engage with cannabis even if it is not legally available in their region yet. In fact, the Smoke Reports Wish List tool allows for users to follow an item and receive updates once that product becomes available in their local cannabis market.

Casey of HappyDay Farms (source)

Casey of HappyDay Farms

We also have a few incredible updates on the way, including cultivator and seed company platforms that allow breeders and farmers to register their genetics with a database that already hosts over 7,000 strains, complete with lineage information all the way back to the original landrace genetics.

Marijuana plantation

Another exciting advancement for the Smoke Reports platform is the addition of condition-specific medical resources. Smoke Reports is extremely careful to never provide medical advice, because we are not doctors, and even doctors are lacking access to concrete medical resources.


The responsible approach for compiling medical cannabis data is to gather all of the case studies into one location, and then allow people to perform their own research. Uwe Blesching, Ph.D. and author of The Cannabis Health Index, has long been a friend of the Smoke Reports team due to our likemindedness when it comes to education and accessible information resources.


We are so thankful that Uwe Blesching has allowed for Smoke Reports to host the results of his work compiling cannabis research. Eventually, our API will offer access to over five hundred studies conducted to research cannabis therapy for over one hundred major conditions and symptoms.

Sticking to the Smoke Reports Roots

Our team is committed to helping the cannabis community show the legitimacy of cannabis medicine to the rest of the world. The future of our platform is boundless, but will always stick to our guiding principles. Smoke Reports has spent an incredible amount of time and energy to ensure that the cannabis community has the tools to elevate the cannabis conversation.


Over the year, we published over 150 blog posts, news articles, and industry features in an effort to give people an unbiased look at the evolution of the cannabis industry, safe from any advertising or ulterior corporate motives.


Finally, Smoke Reports will be welcoming 2016 with a new name for our company: Cannabis Reports. Smoke Reports was a perfect name for our strain database, since a “smoke report” was the term used for entries in old cultivation journals and forums. Our database has evolved this year, and the name Cannabis Reports will reflect the inclusiveness of our platform, API, and business network.


Smoke Reports was the first database to catalogue every type of product available to the cannabis community. Now companies, consumers, and policymakers are looking to us as an authority on the science, news, industry, and technology of cannabis.


This upcoming year will be very positive for the cannabis movement, and Smoke Reports / Cannabis Reports will continue to support the legalization movement with meaningful tools for cannabis consumers and businesses.


For the most up to date info on Smoke Reports, follow us on Twitter @smokereports or like us on our Facebook page. If you would like to submit feedback or suggestions for the Smoke Reports team, please join the discussion in the comments section below, or through our social media links.

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